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A Dressing Room is included in the cost of the Premier Studio or Studio One, you can see the prices here: rate card

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    Your presenters can get changed in style using one of our two dressing rooms!

    We built two dressing rooms as part of the Premier Studios, one is included as part of the cost of the Premier Studio or Studio One (Green screen).

    Hair & Makeup artists are often booked by clients for the duration of the shoot, they are typically located in the dressing rooms.

    We have installed a number of plug sockets for phone chargers, hair dryers and straighteners etc.

    Both dressing rooms are located on ground floor level and close to both studios.

    Each dressing room is provided with:

    • Mirror with LED lamps around the perimeter
    • Full length mirror
    • 2x stools
    • Clothes rail & hangers
    • Air ventilation & conditioning system
    • Dimmable lighting
    • Tissues


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