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    With our green screen studio, you can achieve a clean, professional, creative video production for your business!

    What is A Green Screen?

    A green screen is a unique background used in video shoots to create various effects. By filming in front of a green screen, you can later add any background you like during post-production, allowing you to shoot in a single location but make it look like you’re in different locations or situations.

    This technique is called chroma keying or green screen keying. It allows filmmakers to create various visual effects, such as superimposing actors onto different locations or backgrounds, adding 3D animations and graphics, or creating virtual sets and environments.

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    Why hire our green screen studio?

    Our green screen studio in Leicester offers a clean, professional, and creative space for your video productions. With its large infinity curve and high-quality lighting, our studio can accommodate a variety of shoots and setups, from solo presenters to large groups. Plus, our studio is available for hire on a flexible basis, with optional AV support and add-ons to enhance your videos.

    The studio is available to hire for both full and half days and as a dry hire or with AV support from our team.

    The studio can be used for a variety of scenarios, including:

    • Filming interviews, presentations, or performances in front of a green screen and adding a custom background or virtual set during post-production.
    • Creating branded content, such as advertising spots, product demos, or educational videos, using green screen effects to enhance the visuals and engage the audience.
    • Shooting footage for special effects or visual effects (VFX) in movies and TV shows, where green screens are used to create realistic environments, explosions, and other effects that are too dangerous or impossible to film in real life.
    • Recording virtual events, such as conferences, concerts, or sports games, using green screen technology to create immersive, interactive, and engaging experiences for online audiences.
    • Producing educational videos or training materials, where green screens can be used to add animations, graphics, or simulations to enhance the learning experience.

    The uses for a green screen studio are limited only by the filmmaker’s and producers’ imagination and creativity.

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    Broadcast your studio session!

    Our green screen studio can be used as a standalone pre-recording shoot or as part of a virtual event with our broadcast studios. One example is using the green screen studio live with your main presenters as part of a virtual event, with remote callers dialling into the studio to present their sessions.

    Ready to take your video productions to the next level with our green screen studio? Contact us today to schedule a tour and/or receive a personalised quote.

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