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    With our green screen studio, you can achieve a clean and professional, but creative video production for your business!

    Green screen technology has been used for decades in the broadcast/film world. Over the years it has been refined to a very high standard and is utilised for big production films, to music videos as well as in the corporate world.

    Studio One is 10m x 8m x 3m in size and supplied fully lit.

    It’s available to hire for both full and half days.

    2022 Studio Ratecard

    By using a green screen along with Chroma Keying technology, we can superimpose a variety of different 3D backgrounds, animations, logos, and graphics. This can be used in a variety of scenarios, including:

    • Company Updates
    • Branding Campaigns
    • Marketing Videos
    • Virtual Conferences & Keynotes
    • Advertisements
    • And anything else that your mind can think of – The possibilities are endless with the only limit being your imagination!


    3D Tour

    Why Green Screen?

    The advantages of using a green screen is that you can achieve lots of different styles of video shoots in a day without having to travel to various locations. This ultimately means that it can be more cost and time effective by reducing the amount of logistics needed etc.

    By using interactive graphic elements with your presenter this can help engage your audience and improve the messages you are trying to get across. Something as simple as company forecasts and graphs can be taken to the next level by implementing 3D animations and simulations, as the presenter talks through. This also allows keeping your branding consistent throughout using your logo in a range of ways, from using this within the presenter’s background to animated transition stings.

    Our green screen studio, based in Leicester, can be used as a standalone pre-recording shoot, or part of a larger production where we utilise our hybrid or virtual studios as well. One example for this is using the green screen studio live with your main presenter as part of a virtual set. Where you can cut to and from remote guest presenters from our virtual studio and live elements performing on stage in our hybrid studio too.


    To find out more about our production studio with green screen facilities, give the team a call on 0116 2029953, send us an email or fill out the enquiry form above.

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