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    Our ‘little black book’ of suppliers allows us to deliver exceptional events for our clients

    Our approach is characterised by attention to detail, creative solutions, and a commitment to maintaining suppliers’ highest calibre and quality.

    We support our clients with events, including corporate conferences, product launches, trade shows, incentive trips, gala dinners, music festivals, and more.

    Our experienced event managers tailor each event to meet the client’s specific objectives, themes, and requirements. Our success in managing supplier sourcing is built on meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a passion for creating unforgettable event experiences.
    We understand that each event is unique, catering to our client’s specific goals and preferences.

    We work closely with clients to understand their vision, brand identity, and desired outcomes. With this information, we carefully curate a selection of suppliers who can align with the event’s theme, objectives, and budget.

    Maintaining an extensive and up-to-date database of suppliers from various industries and locations. This database is a valuable resource that enables them to quickly identify and contact suitable suppliers based on the requirements of each event.

    Our commitment to delivering premium events for global brands means we strongly emphasise supplier quality assurance. Only vendors with a proven track record of excellence and reliability are considered for partnership. This approach ensures that every aspect of the event, from catering to audio-visual services, meets the highest standards.

    Premier Events leverages its global network of suppliers for events with international components to ensure consistent quality and service across all locations. Our experience coordinating events worldwide allows them to seamlessly manage suppliers from different countries, time zones, and cultural backgrounds.

    Premier Events understands that strong supplier relationships are vital to the success of an event. We invest time and effort in building rapport with suppliers, fostering mutual trust, and cultivating a collaborative working environment. This approach encourages suppliers to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

    We continuously explore new trends and innovations in the events industry. When sourcing suppliers, we seek out those at the forefront of their respective fields, capable of infusing fresh ideas and unique elements into the event experience.

    Premier Events is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We seek suppliers who share these values, ensuring that events are conducted with minimal environmental impact and comply with ethical standards.

    Where can we help?

    Venues & Accommodation: These include the owners or managers of event venues. We provide the physical space where the event occurs, such as hotels, conference centres, convention halls, outdoor spaces, etc.

    Catering: Caterers are responsible for providing food and beverages during the event. We may offer various dining options, including sit-down dinners, buffet, bar services, or a food cart.

    Event Stylists: Event stylists handle the décor and aesthetics of the event space. We provide floral arrangements, stage decorations, table settings, and other decorative elements.

    Transportation Suppliers: Transportation suppliers manage getting attendees to and from the event venue. This could involve shuttle services, limousines, rental cars, or other means of transportation.

    Entertainment Suppliers: Depending on the event, entertainment suppliers may include musicians, bands, DJs, dancers, magicians, or other performers who entertain the attendees.

    Printing and Signage Suppliers: Printing companies provide event programs, banners, signage, name tags, and other printed materials required for the event.

    Security Suppliers: Security companies ensure attendees’ safety and security and may include crowd control, access management, and surveillance personnel.

    Event Equipment Suppliers: These suppliers provide event-specific equipment such as display stands, tents, furniture, heating, cooling, and other items needed for the event setup.

    Event Staffing Suppliers: Event staffing agencies may be involved in providing on-site event staff, including ushers, registration assistants, event coordinators, and other support personnel.

    In House Services

    As a full-service agency, we have an extensive array of in-house services at your disposal to ensure the successful execution of the event. Our commitment to your event goes beyond what we can source and what we can offer. Here is a short list of in-house services.

    AV Production: We provide immersive and impactful event experiences through our state-of-the-art AV production services. We offer customised solutions for each event, integrating audio, visual, and lighting elements to create captivating environments. With a team of skilled technicians, we ensure seamless integration and technical support throughout the event.

    Delegate Management Services: We manage the registration process, handle communication with attendees, process payments, and coordinate accommodation and travel. On-site check-in, data management, and post-event follow-up are also part of our responsibilities. These services enhance the delegate experience, streamline event logistics, and contribute to the event’s overall success.

    Content & Creative: Engaging content captivates attendees and conveys event messages. It reinforces branding and identity, enhances speaker presentations, and improves event websites and apps. Social media promotion, interactive experiences, and post-event content are also vital. Evaluation helps improve future events. Compelling content and creative elements are essential for a successful and memorable event.

    Event Technology: We supply cutting-edge event technology, including event registration platforms, mobile apps, AV equipment, virtual event platforms, interactive technology, data management, live streaming, networking tools, digital signage, and communication platforms. These tech solutions optimise event management, enhance attendee experiences, and enable seamless communication, making events memorable and engaging.

    Event Set & Scenery: We provide creative set and scenery design and construction services for various events. Our team creates visually striking sets that align with the event’s theme. With attention to detail, efficiency in setup, and branding integration, we create immersive environments that leave a lasting impression on attendees. Additionally, Premier Events considers sustainability practices while delivering cost-effective solutions.

    Why Us

    Effective management of in-house and external suppliers involves clear communication, coordination, and regular updates to ensure we understand our responsibilities and deliver their services as expected. Our dedicated event management team oversees supplier relationships and logistics, providing a smooth and successful event.

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