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    Shimmer Walls make a fantastic photo backdrop at events.

    Our team can support you with ‘off the shelf’ shimmer walls in gold, silver or black, which are 2.5m tall, or we can build you something bespoke.

    Compared to a printed step and repeat wall, we find that guests engage with a shimmer wall so much more. They are great for both selfies as well as group shots.

    The wall is made from reflective discs, providing the perfect backdrop for live event photographs.


    Our team can apply bespoke aluminium and neon lettering to the wall, allowing it to be used to display logos at corporate parties, award ceremonies and conferences. We can customise the wall’s size and the decals to suit your requirements.

    VIP Shimmer Walls

    We recommend using a red/black carpet alongside the shimmer wall for that additional VIP look and feel. We typically provide additional lighting to illuminate the front surfaces, ensuring they stand out at an event.

    Rent or Purchase

    Looking to add a shimmer wall to your venue on a permanent basis? We design and build bespoke shimmer walls for clients looking to have a shimmer wall all year round.

    To find out more about having a shimmer wall for your upcoming event, contact our friendly team, who will be happy to help with your enquiry.

    Shimmer Walls in Action


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