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Bespoke Prop Fabrication

Bespoke Prop Fabrication

Premier Events is a renowned full-service event agency that delivers unforgettable experiences for national and global brands.

With an in-house workshop dedicated to creating bespoke props, we stand out as an experiential marketing and event industry leader.

In close collaboration with skilled 3D designers, our creative team works seamlessly with the fabrication team to bring innovative and captivating experiential pieces to life.

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We offer bespoke props custom-made to suit our client’s specific needs and preferences. These props are the backbone of memorable experiences, serving as visual centrepieces that captivate and engage attendees. From larger-than-life sculptures to intricately detailed decorations, the workshop is equipped to handle projects of various scales and complexities.

We take immense pride in our state-of-the-art workshop, a dynamic and creative space where the magic of imagination comes to life. This meticulously designed facility is the beating heart of the agency’s ability to craft exquisite props and experiential pieces for events that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Advanced computer-controlled CNC machines, precision laser cutters, and a full range of woodworking tools provide limitless possibilities for working with various materials, ensuring the flawless execution of even the most intricate designs.

Premier Events recognises that each brand and event is unique, and the workshop ensures that every prop is tailor-made to align perfectly with the client’s vision. This personalised touch ensures that each event experience is an authentic and unforgettable representation of the brand’s essence.


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Themed Decorations

Premier Events’ talented creative team can transform any event space into a fantastical world with themed decorations. Whether it’s a magical fairy-tale setting, a futuristic sci-fi landscape, or a retro-themed party, the team excels in conceptualising and designing unique decor elements that create an immersive and memorable experience for attendees.


Interactive Installations

 The fabrication team collaborates closely with 3D designers to build captivating interactive installations. These may include interactive games that challenge attendees’ skills or branded photo booths with innovative features, like green screens and augmented reality effects. These interactive experiences entertain guests and promote active engagement with the brand.


Branded Displays

Premier Events understands the importance of highlighting brand presence at events. The team can build impressive branded displays, ensuring sponsors and partners receive the visibility they deserve.

Whether it’s eye-catching banners, custom-built product displays, or creatively branded installations, these props reinforce brand messaging and contribute to a cohesive event experience.


Giant Props

For events that demand a “wow” factor, the workshop is equipped to create larger-than-life sculptures and props.

These awe-inspiring pieces, strategically placed throughout the venue, make striking focal points that leave a lasting impression on attendees and become popular spots for photo opportunities.


LED and Light-based Props

Premier Events leverages cutting-edge lighting technology to design and fabricate mesmerising LED and light-based props. From colour-changing installations to dynamic light shows, these props add a visually captivating dimension to the event, creating an atmosphere of excitement and enchantment.


Stage Props

Premier Events’ workshop is adept at producing stage props seamlessly blending with event performances and presentations. From elaborate thematic podiums to special effects devices that add theatrical flair, these props enhance the overall stage production, captivating the audience throughout the event.


Custom Furniture

Understanding the impact of comfortable and stylish furniture in event design, Premier Events crafts custom-made furniture pieces that complement the event’s theme. From chic and modern seating arrangements to branded lounge areas, these furniture props provide functionality and aesthetic allure.


Backdrops and Step-and-Repeat Banners

We recognise the importance of providing attendees with memorable photo opportunities. The workshop can produce stunning backdrops and step-and-repeat banners that serve as ideal photo backdrops and prominently showcase event logos and sponsors.


Display Stands and Product Showcases

Premier Events’ attention to detail extends to crafting attractive display stands and showcases for products and promotional materials. These props ensure that brands can present their offerings in an organised and visually appealing manner, effectively capturing the attention of potential customers.


Why Us

Premier Events’ expertise in experiential and event production and our in-house workshop for bespoke props sets us apart as a leading event agency.

With our creative team’s visionary concepts, the 3D designers’ technical prowess, and the fabrication team’s skilled craftsmanship, we create captivating and impactful experiential pieces that leave a lasting impression on attendees and effectively promote national and global brands.

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