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    We have developed the P-VENT Online Event Platform to offer our clients a fully brandable, easy-to-navigate hub for their virtual events.

    Virtual & Hybrid events are here to stay, and at Premier, we wanted to ensure that we had the best possible solution for our clients, which is why we have developed the P-VENT Platform to run alongside events held at the Premier Studios as well as Hybrid Events at a venue.

    The platform comes complete with all the functionalities you might expect in a virtual event platform, and we are able to develop and add any additional functionalities you might require on a case-by-case basis.


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    Our Full-Service

    Concept Development: The creative team collaborates with the delegate management team during the early event planning stages. They discuss the event’s theme, objectives, and target audience to develop a cohesive visual concept aligning with its purpose.

    Customised Holding Page and Branded Log-in Page: The creatives team designs and develops the customised holding page that goes live before the event. It matches the event’s theme and includes relevant information. Similarly, they designed the branded log-in page to provide attendees with a consistent look and feel when accessing the virtual platform.

    Visual Content Creation: The creative team produces visual assets, including banners, graphics, videos, and multimedia content, to enhance the event’s virtual environment. They work closely with the delegate management team to ensure the content aligns with the event’s agenda and schedule.

    Personalised Agenda: The delegate management team collaborates with the creatives team to implement the personalised agenda feature within the virtual platform. They ensure attendees can easily select sessions and create their customised event schedule.

    Live Stream and Interactive Features: The creatives team ensures that the live stream is visually appealing and optimised for a seamless viewing experience. They also collaborate with the delegate management team to integrate interactive features like live chat, Q&A, and polls to engage attendees during sessions.

    Virtual Tables and Breakout Rooms: The creatives team designs the virtual table layouts and breakout room environments. In contrast, the delegate management team coordinates the logistics and assigns attendees to the appropriate tables and rooms.

    Technical Support and Online Assistance: During the event, the delegate management team works closely with the creatives team to handle technical support and online assistance. They troubleshoot any technical issues that attendees may encounter while navigating the platform.

    Post-event Analytics and Reporting: The delegate management team collects and analyses event data and attendee feedback. In contrast, the creative team provides insights into the visual aspects of the event’s success. They create a comprehensive post-event report containing key user metrics and feedback for future improvements.

    Key Platform Features

    Premier Events is a full-service event agency that has taken virtual events to the next level with its custom-built virtual event platform, P-Vent. This platform offers many features to enhance the virtual event experience for organisers and attendees.

    Customised Holding Page:

    The customised holding page is a pre-event webpage that goes live a few days before the event begins. It is a teaser and informs guests when the virtual event “doors open.” This page can be tailored to match the event theme, providing essential information and generating anticipation among attendees.

    Branded Log-in Page:

    Delegates can access the platform by entering their unique username and password, which Premier Events can generate. The branded log-in page reflects the client’s identity and helps ensure a seamless and secure log-in process for all participants.

    Personalised Agenda:

    P-Vent allows users to create their personalised agenda based on the event’s schedule. If multiple sessions run simultaneously, delegates can select the sessions they want to attend and plan their day accordingly, ensuring a personalised experience.

    Live Stream:

    The platform offers a live stream option where attendees can view the event’s primary content, such as keynote speeches, presentations, and panel discussions. They can view the live stream in full screen or within the platform window, adapting to their preferences.

    Moderated Q&A:

    The Q&A module is fully moderated, ensuring that questions and comments are relevant and appropriate. Additionally, the feature offers the option for guest anonymity, allowing participants to ask questions without revealing their identities.

    Live Chat Wall:

    Delegates can interact and communicate with each other during the event using a live chat wall, similar to a Facebook-style wall. This fosters engagement, networking, and the exchange of ideas among attendees.

    Live Polls:

    Premier Events can schedule live polls throughout the event, enabling real-time feedback on sessions and content. This feature provides valuable insights into attendee preferences and opinions, helping organisers adapt and improve the event in real-time.

    Breakout Rooms:

    For specific event sections, attendees can be split into breakout rooms. These rooms allow for smaller, more focused discussions and workshops, encouraging active participation and collaboration among participants.

    Virtual Tables:

    The platform offers a feature called Virtual Tables, ideal for events like awards ceremonies. Attendees can join their assigned virtual table for dinner and networking, simulating the experience of a physical event.

    Online Support:

    Delegates can quickly contact Premier Events’ support team for real-time technical assistance and advice throughout the event. This ensures that attendees have a smooth and enjoyable virtual experience.

    1:1 Video Calls:

    Attendees can see a list of all registered participants and set up 1:1 video calls with each other. This feature promotes networking and facilitates meaningful connections between attendees.


    During the live stream, delegates can express their reactions and feelings about the content using emojis. This fun and informal way of interaction adds an element of engagement and liveliness to the event.

    Session Rating:

    As part of the live poll function, guests can rate sessions directly after they occur. This provides valuable feedback for the organisers, helping them understand which sessions were most impactful and well-received by the audience.

    Post-Event Analytics:

    After the event, Premier Events will provide the client with a comprehensive report containing key user metrics. This post-event analytics report gives valuable insights into attendee engagement, participation, and overall event success, allowing for data-driven improvements in future events.

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    Why Us

    Premier Events’ in-house virtual event platform offers a feature-rich and customisable experience, ensuring that virtual events are engaging, interactive, and impactful for attendees worldwide. They cater to various events, including conferences, trade shows, webinars, product launches, team-building activities, and corporate meetings. As technology evolves, virtual event platforms are expected to become even more versatile and innovative, providing new ways for people to connect, collaborate, and engage in virtual settings.

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