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    Broadcast Studio Two is designed for delivering virtual events or for pre-recording content.

    Many of the virtual events that we stream for clients involve a team of 3x AV technicians and so we designed Broadcast Studio Two for exactly this purpose.

    For Hybrid events where we have a team on location, we often use this studio to mix the stream together.


    Studio Features

    Broadcast vMix station

    • 2x i9 Broadcast PC running vMix 23 4K
    • 4x 1080p display
    • 1x C920 webcam
    • 1x 4 channel audio interface with microphone and 2 separate monitoring outputs
    • 1x Elgato Streamdeck XL

    Call manager (zoom, vmix call etc) station

    • 1x i9 Broadcast PC with vMix 23 pro
    • 3x 1080p display
    • 1x Elgato streamdeck
    • 1x akai apc mini
    • 2 channel audio interface with microphone and monitoring output
    • C920 webcam

    2x PowerPoint / multipurpose capture machines

    • Master cue clicker system with remote presenter set up

    Streaming station

    • 2x i5 Streaming spec PC
    • 1x Timer laptop to run all show timings

    There are 4x 43″ wall mounted screens own the back wall of the studio which can be used to display key information.


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    The studio is available to hire as part of an event that we are providing the AV team for or Dry Hire.

    Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about the studios and how they can be used as part of a virtual or hybrid event.

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