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Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Are you looking for an exhibition stand designer, builder and ultimately a trusted partner?

Our creative and fabrication teams work hand in hand to provide our clients with market-leading exhibition stands.

We understand that exhibitions serve as a pivotal platform for brands to make a lasting impact on their target audience. That’s why we go above and beyond to incorporate our diverse range of services into creating captivating and memorable exhibition stands.


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Anthony Cheadle

Head of Fabrication

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PRemier Events Approach to exhibition Stands

Our talented creative team are dedicated to crafting exceptional stand designs that align perfectly with our client’s brand identity and messaging.

We understand that each brand has its own unique story to tell, and we work closely with our clients to understand their goals, values, and target audience. This allows us to develop stand designs that effectively communicate their brand’s message while captivating attendees.

3D Design

At Premier Events, our commitment to creating exceptional exhibition experiences extends to our expertise in 3D design. We understand that a well-designed stand can be the key to attracting and engaging attendees, making a lasting impression, and ultimately achieving the desired goals of the exhibiting brand. Our team of talented designers excels in harnessing the power of 3D design to bring stands to life and create immersive environments that captivate visitors.

When it comes to 3D design, we craft visually stunning and functionally effective exhibition stands. By utilising three-dimensional modelling tools, we can provide our clients with a realistic representation of their stand design, allowing them to visualise the final result before it is brought to life.

We work closely with our clients during the design process to understand their brand identity, objectives, and target audience. We believe that the stand design should be a reflection of the brand’s essence and values. By incorporating their branding elements, colour schemes, and key messaging, we ensure that the stand design captures attention and communicates the brand’s story effectively.



Our 3D design approach goes beyond aesthetics. We take into account the flow of foot traffic, spatial arrangements, and the overall user experience within the stand. We strategically plan the placement of product displays, interactive elements, meeting areas, and informational touchpoints to optimise engagement and facilitate meaningful interactions between the brand and attendees.

Through our 3D design capabilities, we have the flexibility to create stands of all sizes and configurations. Whether a small booth or a large island exhibit, we can tailor the design to suit the available space and maximise its potential. We understand the importance of creating a layout that facilitates easy navigation, encourages exploration, and highlights the brand’s key offerings.

In addition to creating visually captivating designs, our 3D capabilities enable us to experiment with lighting effects, textures, materials, and architectural elements. We strive to create an atmosphere that aligns with the brand’s identity and creates an emotional connection with the attendees. From innovative lighting schemes that highlight product features to unique structural elements that make a statement, our team leverages 3D design to push the boundaries of creativity and deliver stands that truly stand out.

Moreover, our 3D design process allows for seamless collaboration and iteration. We encourage open communication with our clients throughout the design phase, providing opportunities for feedback and adjustments. This ensures that the final design aligns with our client’s vision and meets their specific goals and requirements.



Using Technology In Your Exhibition Stand

Using technology effectively on an exhibition stand can significantly enhance the overall attendee experience, create engagement, and leave a lasting impression on visitors. Here are some key ways to incorporate technology into your exhibition stand:

Interactive Displays: Utilise touchscreens, tablets, or interactive kiosks to provide engaging and informative content. This can include product demos, virtual tours, interactive games, or quizzes related to your brand or industry. Interactive displays encourage attendees to actively participate and interact with your brand.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Take advantage of AR or VR technologies to provide immersive experiences. Allow attendees to explore virtual environments, visualise products in 3D, or showcase unique features of your offerings. AR and VR can create memorable and interactive moments that differentiate your stand from others.

Digital Signage and Video Walls: Use large screens or video walls to display dynamic content, such as promotional videos, product showcases, customer testimonials, or live social media feeds related to the event. Eye-catching visuals and engaging videos can attract attention and communicate your brand message effectively.

Mobile Apps and QR Codes: Develop a branded mobile app specifically for the exhibition or utilise QR codes to provide additional information and engage attendees. The app can include features like event schedules, exhibitor directories, interactive maps, and special offers. QR codes can link to exclusive content, promotional materials, or giveaways.

Social Media Integration: Incorporate social media platforms into your stand design to encourage attendees to share their experiences. Create interactive social media walls that display real-time posts with event hashtags or organise social media contests with incentives. This fosters engagement, expands your reach, and encourages user-generated content.

Live Streaming and Webinars: Consider incorporating live streaming capabilities to broadcast presentations, panel discussions, or demonstrations on your stand. This allows remote participants to join and extends your brand’s reach beyond the physical exhibition space. Additionally, hosting webinars or educational sessions on your stand can position your brand as an industry thought leader.

Data Collection and Analytics: Leverage technology to gather valuable data about attendees and their interactions with your stand. This can include lead capture tools, visitor tracking systems, or surveys conducted through tablets or digital forms. Collecting and analysing data enables you to follow up with leads effectively and gain insights for future improvements.

While technology can be impactful, it should be used strategically and tailored to your brand and target audience. We ensure that the technology you incorporate aligns with your objectives, enhances the overall experience, and provides value to attendees.



Why Use Premier eVents

At Premier Events, we are passionate about creating immersive experiences for exhibition attendees. We understand that a successful stand design goes beyond aesthetics; it needs to engage and captivate visitors. We leverage cutting-edge technology, innovative design concepts, and captivating content to transform exhibition stands into experiential spaces to achieve this.

By integrating interactive elements, multimedia displays, and engaging storytelling, we create an environment that sparks curiosity, drives interaction, and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

We pride ourselves on supporting brands of all sizes in developing their message and creating unforgettable experiences through our innovative 3D stand designs and storytelling.

Whatever your industry or budget, Premier Events is here to transform your exhibition presence into an extraordinary brand showcase that leaves a lasting impression.



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