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Event Registration Kiosks

Event Registration Kiosks

Our event registration kiosks streamline the check-in process at events and exhibitions.

At Premier, we understand the challenges of managing event registration; we couldn’t find a solution that worked for us, so we designed and built our own – meet the on-site registration kiosks!

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The Kiosks

Trusted by global brands at their events, our registration kiosks are easy to use, allowing guests to quickly and easily check into an event without hassle.

Our personalisation options allow you to create a fully branded and professional experience. The touch screens feature custom artwork, and the kiosks themselves can have low-tac vinyl applied to them for additional branding.

The kiosks are compatible with our online event registration forms, websites and third-party providers. As part of our commitment to our clients, we ensure your guests’ information is secured to ISO27001 standards, and we are GDRP compliant.

We have numerous kiosks in stock to accommodate events of any size and operate throughout Europe.

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The Process

Before the event, a branded email is sent to all delegates with a QR code that is needed to check in to the event. If you are also using one of our event apps, the QR code can also be included here.

When guests arrive on-site, they can scan the QR code using our kiosk to register using their phone – no need to print anything out! The same QR code can be used if the event takes place over multiple days.

Depending on your preference, the kiosk can either scan a delegate’s QR code only or scan and print a personalised badge, which can be attached to branded lanyards housed on lanyard trees nearby.

The kiosks are extremely fast – scanning the QR code and printing the badge takes only 13 seconds.

If any delegates need assistance, our friendly help desk team can help and print badges directly from their station.

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To learn more about our bespoke online event registration kiosks, speak to a member of our delegate management team, who will be more than happy to discuss your event in more detail.

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