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Conferences & Meetings

Can we help with your next event with our conference event management?

As a full-service event agency, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure the success of your conferences & meetings.

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From event management and technical AV production to delegate management, content and creative solutions, and venue finding, we have you covered every step.

At Premier Events, we pride ourselves on our meticulous event management expertise. Our dedicated team of professionals will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and objectives. From the initial planning stages to flawless execution, we take care of all the details, including logistics, budgeting, vendor coordination, and on-site management. We prioritise ensuring that you and your attendees have a seamless and memorable event experience.


Event Management

Finding the perfect venue for your conference or meeting can be daunting. Premier Events alleviates this challenge by leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise. Whether you need an intimate meeting at a luxury hotel or a 3,000 in-person live event in an arena, we will source the ideal venue that meets your specific requirements and budget. Our team negotiates contracts, handles logistics, and ensures that every aspect of the venue aligns with your event goals.


Delegate Management

Managing attendees is a crucial aspect of any conference or meeting. Premier Events offers a cohesive delegate management solution which streamlines the registration process, handles accommodation arrangements, and facilitates smooth check-ins. Our advanced technology platforms, including event websites, apps and brandable registration kiosks, enable efficient communication, personalised attendee experiences, and data-driven insights to enhance engagement and networking opportunities.


AV production

We understand the importance of creating a captivating and immersive atmosphere for conferences or meetings. Our technical AV production services include state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, lighting design, staging, and multimedia presentations. Our skilled technicians and production crew will handle all technical aspects, leaving you free to focus on delivering impactful content and engaging with your audience.


Content & Creative Support

To make your event stand out, our experienced content and creative team will work closely with you to develop compelling themes, engaging presentations, and impactful branding. From designing captivating 3D stage setups to crafting visually stunning multimedia content, we bring your vision to life and ensure your messaging resonates with your audience.


Why Premier?

Premier Events is proud to serve both national and global clients. We have successfully organised events for various industries and sectors, including retail, automotive, hospitality, fintech, pharmaceutical and education. Our extensive experience working with clients from different backgrounds and locations equips us with the knowledge and adaptability to cater to your unique needs, regardless of location.

Our clients trust us to deliver exceptional results because of our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to their success. Whether you are a multinational corporation looking to host a global conference or a local education authority planning a seminar, Premier Events supports you at every step.


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