Delegate Management

Online Event Registration

Delegate Management

Online Event Registration

Premier Events offers an industry-leading event registration service.

Choose Premier Events as your trusted partner in online event registration services, and let us streamline your delegate experience.

We understand that organising events can be daunting. That’s why we strive to make the online registration process seamless and hassle-free for event organisers and attendees. Our online registration services are designed to simplify the event management process and ensure a smooth experience from start to finish.

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Our Approach

Our proprietary delegate management system streamlines the entire registration process, enabling you to manage attendee information, track registrations, and handle any changes or updates effortlessly. We have complete control and real-time access to crucial event data, allowing you to make informed decisions and ensure a successful event.

Whether planning a large-scale industry conference, award ceremony or exhibition, our online registration support team has got you covered. We can seamlessly handle attendee information, manage session registrations, and provide a centralised platform for communication and updates, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience.

The time and cost savings achieved through streamlined registration processes and reduced administrative expenses can be significant. By investing in an efficient online event registration platform, organisers can allocate their resources to other vital areas, such as marketing, event enhancements, or improving the overall attendee experience, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment.


Data Capture

Our event registration platform typically captures multiple types of information during the online event registration process. The information collected will vary depending on the brief from each client.

Here are some common types of information that we may capture:

Personal Information: This includes basic details about the attendees, such as their names, email addresses and phone number. These details help in identifying and communicating with the registered attendees.

Event Preferences: We can collect information regarding attendees’ preferences or requirements for the event. For example, participants may indicate their session preferences, dietary restrictions, accessibility needs, or any other specific requests related to the event.

Payment Information: If the event requires payment, we can collect payment details from attendees, including credit card information or alternative payment methods. It’s important to note that such sensitive information is typically processed securely through a third-party provider and in compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

Professional Information: Depending on the nature of the event, we may ask attendees to provide professional information, such as their job title, company/organisation name, industry, or any other relevant details. This information can be helpful for networking purposes and tailoring the event experience.

Demographic Information: Event organisers may gather demographic data to understand the audience better, especially regarding exhibition attendance. This may include age, gender, location, or other demographic categories. Collecting this data allows event organisers to analyse their attendee demographics and make informed decisions for future events.

Opt-in Preferences: We can offer options for attendees to subscribe to newsletters, updates, or promotional materials from the event organiser or sponsors. Attendees can indicate their communication preferences and choose whether they wish to receive future notifications.


GDPR & ISO27001

Our commitment to privacy and data protection is another crucial aspect that sets us apart. We take GDPR compliance seriously and prioritise the security of personal information. Through adherence to the ISO27001 standard, we ensure that its information security practices align with globally recognised best practices, providing a secure environment for data management. Rest assured that when you choose Premier Events, your attendees’ data is handled with utmost care and in compliance with all applicable regulations.


Why us

When you choose Premier Events, you’re not just getting an online registration service provider. You’re partnering with a team of dedicated professionals passionate about making your event successful. From conceptualisation to execution, we will be by your side, guiding you through every step of the way.

By using Premier Events for online event registration, attendees can enjoy a seamless and user-friendly registration experience. The platform can offer intuitive interfaces, clear instructions, and instant confirmations, contributing to a positive overall experience for event participants.

Our online registration solution integrates seamlessly with our event apps, registration kiosks, event badging and event website solutions.

We have a reputation as a trusted event registration platform supplier, serving a diverse range of event organisers across various industries.


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