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Weddings / 5.8.16

# Social Media Wedding

We take a look at social media weddings in our latest blog post

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    It may not be the most traditional thing to do when planning your wedding but incorporating social media into your big day can be fun, convenient and cost effective.

    Your ‘save the date,’ for instance, could be a video or picture that you post on Facebook. A great way to save money on ‘save the date’ stationery and postage costs. It’s also impossible for people to lose. All they have to do is log on to their social media platform and there it will be! Create a new email address for your wedding and have your guests RSVP to it and use it to ask any wedding related questions. This is a great way of having all of your RSVPs and guest’s menu choices in one place rather than on various bits of paper that have been sent to you in the post that are much harder to keep track of; especially if you lead a busy working life.

    Have a hashtag for your wedding, along the lines of:





    Or a whatever variation takes your fancy!

    Encourage your guests to use the hashtag whenever they post about your wedding on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll be able to see what they are planning for your big day and share your mutual excitement. Give out hints of what your guests can expect to see at your wedding and share pictures of your Hen and Stag Parties as well.

    Using a hashtag allows you to see the maximum number of photos from your wedding in one place. Unlike your professional photos you won’t have to wait a long time to see them and you’ll get to see your day from various different perspectives other than yours and your photographers. You may even get to see moments that you missed while doing something else.

    But what good is having a wedding hashtag if your guests don’t know about it? Make sure to include it and some instructions in your ‘save the date’ and in your invitations. Have a sign on display in your venue that tells guests all about your hashtag, giving them no excuse not to post. Sharing is caring after all!

    Get a personalised Insta-frame for your guests to hold while they have their picture taken with it. You can customize this to fit your wedding just like any Instagram post, with: the username, location, caption and hashtags. Use it as a prop with our Magic Selfie Mirror!

    Our Premier Magic Selfie Mirror now has the option to add Social Media Sharing to its hire. With this feature your guests will be able to take their selfies and then upload them straight to Facebook, Twitter or Email using an iPad provided by us.

    If you’re a fan of Snapchat, why not create a custom geofilter for your wedding day? A fun and new way of encouraging your guests to take photos at your wedding.

    Those are just a few ways that social media can add to your wedding and potentially remove some of the costs involved with planning your big day.

    Our Magic Selfie Mirror can link to Social Media


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