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1800W per channel at 4 ohms



The L-Acoustics LA8 is a highly refined 4 x 1.8kW integrated controller/amplifier specifically engineered for driving L-Acoustics systems.

The LA8 amplifier is capable of powering, and features presets for every enclosure in the range from 5XT to K1.

Our stock is housed in single racks featuring the SSE industry standard packaging system.

Each patch panel offers a pair of XLR inputs and links, four NL4 outputs, an NL8 output, a CA-COM output, two Ethernet ports and a 20A Powercon input.

Each unit is supplied with the latest firmware and factory presets, our own user library for our stock, a 16A > Powercon and a 13A > 16A.

Each channel is capable of driving 4 ohms, meaning a single LA8 can power 8 SB18m for example.

The LA8 also features network remote control via LA Network Manager – please see downloads.

NB – This amplifier is specifically designed for L-Acoustics enclosures and systems. Although there is a generic flat output setting, if you plan to use this unit with non L-Acoustics enclosures a DSP is highly recommended

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