Hive Mastercue V6 System



Day: £75 + VAT

Week: £225 + VAT


No of Handsets

3x Wired & 2x Wireless

The Hive Mastercue V6 is the industry standard when it comes to presenter cueing at live events.

The V6 version features:

  • 3 USB ports with seperate enable controls
  • Mono and stereo intercom loop-through options
  • Dual-button presentation control via both wireless and hard-wired handsets
  • Selectable multi-tone audible cues
  • Audio out and internal speaker
  • Multicolour, directional and tilt visual cue display
  • Additional Control of multiple presentation versions using Cue4

We ship the Mastercue with 3x wired and 2x wireless ‘clickers’ as well as a confidence lamp.

A custom made break in and breakout box is also supplied for use on larger events.

Supplied in custom built flightcase which houses all of the required accessories.

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