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    As the client, you can have as much or as little input into the music for your wedding reception as you wish.

    The DJs supplied by Premier are vastly talented, versatile and experienced in playing to crowds of all different types and sizes, making them perfect for any kind of wedding, no matter the theme.

    Once you make a booking you are more than welcome to send us over a playlist for the DJ to use as  a reference point on the night.

    Our clients in the past have generally fitted into one of three categories below:

    • Clients who just specify their first dance and leave the rest of the music in our hands. This allows your DJ to read the crowd on the night and play accordingly; being able to do this is a skill which all of our DJs have mastered with experience.
    • Clients who create a list of 10-20 songs which they would really like to have played on the night. We can then incorporate these songs into the night’s proceedings when deemed appropriate.
    • Clients who produce an exhaustive list of every song that they would like to have played on the night.

    From personal experience, we have found that very specific and exhaustive playlists have led to relatively empty dancefloors, due to the lack of tracks that are danceable, universally liked by the majority of the guests or even well known. These clients have all (bar a handful) half way through the night asked the DJ to intervene and ‘get people dancing’.

    Our DJs are skilled in gauging the crowd’s mood and preferences, leading to the appropriate choices of music, so you can be confident that we will please the audience.

    The music for the night can be discussed in more detail either via email, phone, by using the online system or alternatively in person if you wanted to pop into the office for a chat about it.

    Your DJ will always be open to requests on the night; they carry in excess of eight thousand songs to every event, making them likely to have the tracks that either you or your guests wish to be played.

    On the rare occasion that your song is not in our database, most our DJs now also have laptops with wireless internet or an iPhone which allows them to download and play any special requests on the night.

    To find out more about our wedding DJs and our wedding playlist music database, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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