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Ivory Starcloth Bundle

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The cost to hire all 3 items for your wedding as part of our exclusive package is £220.00 + VAT

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    The Ivory Starcloth bundle brings together the 3 most popular products in the collection.

    Our ivory starlight backdrops, top table skirts and cake table skirts complement each other perfectly. Many of our brides and grooms like to hire all 3 products together for a comprehensive, all-encompassing look to their reception, and so we have created this package to provide the ultimate finishing touch to any wedding venue.


    The Premier ivory starcloth package includes the following 3 items:

    Ivory Starcloth Backdrop

    The main ivory starcloth is 6m x 3m in size and makes a stunning backdrop for behind the top table at a wedding reception.

    We can control how bright or dim the lights in the cloth are, as well as how fast or slow you would like them to twinkle on each individual wedding backdrop. We are also able to make the cloth twinkle a pink colour instead of white – just ask us at the time of booking.

    This is erected using a specialist pipe and base system, which allows it to be free standing so we do not need to attach anything to the wall of your venue.


    Ivory Starcloth Top Table Skirt

    Our gorgeous ivory starcloth top table skirt is made by the same manufacturer as the backdrop, which means it will match perfectly with the other items.

    The cloth is 22ft in length, making it long enough to cater for a top table of up to 12 people (3 x trestle tables), and its simple design allows us to clip the cloth onto the tables at your venue to compliment the backdrop perfectly.


    Ivory Starcloth Cake Table Skirt

    The cake table starcloth completes the three-item set. It is battery operated and so can be moved to a location of your choice with ease and doesn’t have any trailing wires.

    We can control how bright or dim the lights in the cloth are, as well as how fast or slow you would like them to twinkle.


    To find out more about our ivory wedding starcloth bundle or to book it for your wedding, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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