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Costs to hire a PA system for a band will depend on the rider requirements, as well as the size of the venue, and number of guests.

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    We can provide a large Band PA System perfectly suited for a band or DJ to use at a wedding reception, ensuring an even spread of sound throughout the venue.

    We only use L-Acoustic PA systems at Premier due to their reputation worldwide as being the leading brand of speakers – the fact they are used in Olympic Stadiums is testament to their quality.

    As many wedding bands will not provide their own PA systems or microphones, it is crucial to get this set up for them. We will liaise with your band for you and provide you with a state of the art PA system which meets their rider requirements, so that everything is in place for them to perform on the big day.

    We are able to provide all the labour and equipment you need, including sound engineers, digital desks, wired and wireless microphones, and backline and front of house speakers.

     If we are providing the PA system for the band at your wedding reception, we would recommend that we also allow the DJ to use the same system. This avoids duplication and the hassle of taking all the equipment down only for another individual to set up a new system.

    To find out more about hiring an L-Acoustic PA system for your wedding reception band or DJ, get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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