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The cost to hire our red, white or ivory Royal Mail post box is £40.00 + VAT

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With more brides and grooms receiving cards as opposed to presents on their big day, what better place to put the cards than in an authentic post box?

Royal Mail post boxes have become an exceptionally popular item to hire for our wedding clients. Premier only stock the authentic cast iron Royal Mail models in red, white and ivory, rather than of plastic imitations that you may see elsewhere.

Our post boxes can be personalised in advance for your wedding, with many clients choosing to include their names, venue, date and a short message which we print, laminate and attach to the front of the post box.

For added security the post boxes are locked with a key, which we will give to you when you take delivery or collect the post box.

All of our Royal Mail post boxes are supplied in a custom built flight case and cleaned before each hire so that they arrive safely and look stunning when on display at your wedding reception venue.

We supply the following colours:

Red: The traditional red Royal Mail post box as seen throughout the country for countless years. The red post box is exceptionally traditional and instantly recognisable to wedding guests.

White: If your wedding adheres to a strict white theme, this pristine and immaculate post box will match the colour scheme perfectly.

Ivory: A delicate ivory-coloured post box, it looks majestic and regal, so if your wedding has a bit of an aristocratic touch, this would be just the model for you.

To find out more about our post box hire for your wedding reception don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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