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    Our 3x Virtual Event Studios allow us to deliver seamless online events to our clients across the globe!

    Delivering a virtual event to a high standard requires both an experienced team, as well as a dedicated studio. Thankfully at Premier we have both of these which is why we are trusted by global brands to deliver their virtual events.

    We have been delivering virtual events since April 2020 and our clients live streams have been seen by over 350,000 people around the world.

    Although the studios have been designed for events where the presenters are at home, clients are more than welcome to sit in the studio during the live show to have any last minute input that you may have. Alternatively this can also all be done remotely.


    The studios

    We have 3 studios available to book, simply called Studio 1,2 & 3.

    Studio 1 is our gallery studio and has been designed for larger events where a big team is required, or to use alongside our Premier Studio to bring in remote callers and to manage the live stream. Need a bigger team than 7 working on the event? No problem, we can bring in Studio 2 and 3 to add capacity.

    Studio 2 and 3 have been designed for a team of 4 people. Typically a vMix operator, vMix call tech, Stream tech and an event producer.


    Are they Covid secure?

    To ensure that we keep our team safe we built and designed our virtual event studios with COVID firmly in mind.

    Each team member is always at least 2m apart from each other, we have hand sanitiser at the door and the air in the room is refreshed every 12 minutes with a new supply from outside!


    Is the Internet fast?


    We have a leased FTTP line active giving us 200Mbps symmetrical, uncontested bandwidth. We can increase speed on the fly, up to 1Gbps as our needs grow. But we never like to rely on a singular system, so we have a further 3 FTTC connections (all with different carriers) and 2 4G connections (again both with different carriers). With the aid of some clever routing this gives us an extremely resilient connection to the outside world.


    What about Power Cuts?

    What happens if the power goes is always a concern with any event, especially a virtual event!

    We have built in UPS power supplies to each studio should the worse happen.


    Want to find out more about Virtual Events, our team would be more than happy to discuss your upcoming event to see how we can help you deliver it.

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