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    Premier Studio – Technical Specifications

    We have built the Premier Studio to a very high standard, its kitted out with everything you need to walk in and start recording!

    Our team are here to help you during your booking and you can book as many or as few of them as you need, we always recommend a minimum of 3 technicians however to ensure the smooth running of the studio.


    The space/general:

    • 14x14m overall internal size. 4.2m clear height to horizontal braces, 6.5m height to apex
    • Ceiling and walls fully blacked out with 320gsm black wool serge drapes
    • Large entrance – 2.53m wide x 2.93m high with BWS curtain drapes
    • 7m wide client area with 3 desk spaces and low seating
    • Custom curved stage at 9.7m wide x 5m deep, 0.3m high
    • Mid grey carpet finish to stage, black skirting
    • Studio floor area finished in anthracite carpet tiles
    • Water cooler
    • A4 colour printer/copier/scanner
    • Perspex screens between all workstations
    • Lamps, power sockets, network cables and hand sanitiser at each workstation
    • Face masks, gloves and cleaning equipment provided
    • Free, fast, open guest WiFi



    • 15×3.5m curved Unilumin UPAD III 2.6mm pitch LED wall – 5760×1344 pixels. Up to 4 PIP sources
    • Samsung 98” QM98F (2160p) presenter monitor on wheeled lifter, up to 4 PIP sources
    • 2 x Panasonic 50” monitors (1080p) on trollies – assignable
    • 3 x 23” 1080p monitors on client desks – assignable


    Routing / Management

    • Linked Barco s3-4k system managing all sources and house destinations
    • Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K vision mixer with 1 M/E Advanced Panel. Multiviewer and TX available as s3 sources for house routing.
    • All 16:9 sources including cameras, VT and graphics are distributed into ATEM and s3.



    • 2 x Custom Media Server running either Arena 6 or PowerPoint for native full screen outputs
    • 2 x 15” Macbook Pro running QLab or Playback Pro
    • 2 x Windows Laptop for graphics
    • 2 x Windows Laptop at client area (timer systems or similar)


    Cameras & Recording

    • 4 x Canon XF405 4K Camera on fluid head tripod with dolly – each wired with SDI output, mains, stereo XLR input, XLR for comms and ethernet for control
    • Each XF405 is supplied with a 256GB SD card for on-board recording at either 1080p 35mbps or 2160p at 150mbps
    • Atomos Samauri Blade SDI recorder are available at technical control, with two 480GB SSD drives for ProRes recording. Assignable via ATEM auxes.


    • 2 x L-Acoustics X8, flown, individual amp channels – stage foldback
    • 2 x L-Acoustics X8, flown, individual amp channels – house
    • 2 x L-Acoustics SB18, on separate mix – house subs, behind LED screen
    • Yamaha QL5 (32 x 16 local IO)
    • Yamaha Rio 1608D (16 x 8 Dante IO) – behind LED screen
    • Dante routing up to 64 channels
    • 4 x Sennheiser EW300 G3/4 – lapel/handheld/headset
    • Single channel Tecpro wired comms to each station & camera – overall 2 circuits with master station



    • Avolites Quartz with external display
    • ArtNET node and DMX buffers for distribution
    • Zero88 dimming
    • 6 x 50w LED working lights
    • LED fire exit signage

    Backlight Truss

    • 6 x Elation Fuze Z120 RGBW moving wash
    • 4 x Selecon Acclaim 650w Fresnel (frost & CTB)

    Advance Trusses

    • 5 x Elation DaVinci moving LED profile
    • 6 x ETC Source Four 750w 25-50 Zoom (frost & CTB)
    • 4 x 480w RGBW wide LED wash
    • 2 x Chauvet Rogue R2 moving wash
    • 4 x ETC Source Four PARNel



    • 4 dedicated gigabit ports to main backbone switch
    • 6 dedicated gigabit ports to studio backbone switch
    • Failsafe enterprise backbone switch with 322Gbps capacity
    • Resilient WAN infrastructure with 5 outbound routes including FTTP Leased Line
    • All critical equipment on UPS supply
    • Network segregation for show critical equipment


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