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Event Management / 29.5.18

Woodland Themed Meeting

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    Following the success of previous events we have managed for a well-known lifestyle and wellness brand, we were approached earlier this month to design and build a one of a kind temporary event space with a real wow factor! The venue was an office space within a converted factory unit in the midlands, and was completely empty (apart from around fifteen pillars)!

    Starting with a blank slate is always a great opportunity for us to flex our creative muscles, and our team relished the opportunity to transform the empty unit into a playful “outdoor” themed environment that included catering and chill out zones, as well as practical meeting space and tech.

    The event was due to take place over two days, and comprised of full team meetings and  breakout sessions.



    After a briefing call with the client it was agreed that we would develop a range of ideas for theming and dressing the event space, complete with 3D renderings of each suggestion, for the client to review.

    As always, consistent communication and between the Event Management team and the client enabled us to make sure we were delivering an event theme that fell 100% in-line with the clients vision. We landed on a theme that really brought the outside in – pairing artificial grass with picnic benches, tree trunk booths, and festoon lighting.

    We designed a bespoke printed set with twin screens for the meeting area, opting for a backdrop of rolling fields with the screens appearing to be large outdoor cinema screens. The pillars in the room were transformed into trees using vinyl graphics, and similar graphics were applied to the walls to generate an immersive environment.

    As the venue had no Wi-Fi prior to the event, we provided a temporary event network so the attendees were able to catch up with their emails between sessions.

    On the evening of the first day, the client was taking their entire party to dinner in central Birmingham and we were more than happy to help arrange their transfers there and back. The following morning we made sure their day started with well being in mind and invited them to a pre-breakfast yoga session – complete with branded yoga mats!



    A wide range of furniture was sourced by our team to transform the room, including deck chairs, oak tables, steel chairs, tree booths & coffee tables for the attendees to sit on during the conference. We then created bespoke artificial grass shapes for the catering area, along with wooden picnic benches and tree trunk poseur tables and pouffes.

    Festoon lighting was strung from the ceiling to tie the meeting and catering spaces together, and simple flower arrangements were added to the catering tables to bring the scent of wildflowers into the room.



    This event required a full video system consisting of a PLS350 switcher running to two Panasonic PT-RZ970 projectors using Decimators to split the signal. This system allowed for sources such as PowerPoint and Playback Pro, which could be mixed using the onboard ability of the pulse switcher with redundancy and ease of use.

    To further fit the bespoke outdoor cinema theme, we built from scratch and printed a custom backdrop which could hold 2 Stumpfl fastfold screens, bringing the outdoor cinema theme to life.

    With Premier having such a wide stock range, we also provided high quality festoon lighting that ran the length of the room in a bunting style configuration.



    Our Event Manager and Senior Event Executive attended the event to provide onsite support to the client, manage supplier deliveries and installation. They also greeted guests, managed the cloakroom, and liaised onsite with the catering team.

    The build time was relatively short for the amount of equipment needed to dress the room, but our team worked hard to install all of the furniture and tech on time (despite a broken lift)!



    “Claire, Francesca & Laura have been absolutely amazing with responsiveness, ideas and all round general support”

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