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Event Production / 2.11.18

Wicked Hathern Festival

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    Wicked Hathern Festival is a fast-growing music festival based in the small village of Hathern, and for the second year running Premier Events were asked to provide main stage lighting and acoustic stage production. This year’s festival headliners included Scouting For Girls and Milton Jones (Comedian) to name a few! 



    On receiving the brief our production team were tasked with providing a quotation to suit the client’s requirements. 

    To give the client with a clearer understanding of the quotation, we created a 3D visual of the room, built from a CAD plan, so the client could see what the lighting and stage would look like prior to us installing the event. 


    Equipment Used 

    Main Stage Lighting 

    This year we changed the stage lighting by adding even more fixtures and moving the layout to create a much more impactful show during the event. 

    To provide the stage with a wash of colour we provided a mixture of our R2 and R3 wash lights. The combination allowed us to blend a mixture of colours and invarioes degrees of beam angles. The R3s also acted great as audience “blinders”. 

    At the back of the stage we installed a wall of Elation Sixbar LED light bars, positioned on vertical scaff bars which allowed us to create some stunning visual effects including pixel mapping. 

    8x of the Elation beam 5r Extremes were positioned in the top rig of the stage, these allowed us to create some swooping beam effects, which were even prominent during the daytime and sunlight of the festival. This was a perfect addition for 2018 as this was lacking during the daytime of 2017. 

    Two look unique haze machines with fans were positioned at the back of the stage, which were on full throughout the duration of the event allowing for all the beams of light to pop through. 

    The overall effect provided the stage with some visually stunning effects for some pretty impressive bands and we’re looking forward to 2019! 


    Acoustic Stage Production 

    As well as main stage lighting we were involved in the full production of the acoustic stage this year which was a great opportunity to show off some of our audio at the festival. 


    An L’Acoustic soundvision was created which allows us to plot in the venue and map where the sound will go and how many speakers are required for the venue to have the perfect coverage. 

    The PA system was made up of four L-Acoustic SB18 sub speakers for the low-end punch of the kick drums and bass guitars combined with 3x a side L-acoustics KARA for crisp high and mid-range. This was a perfect combination for high quality audio reproduction of acoustic instruments. Further down the room we also installed 4x L-Acoustic X8 speaker as delays. These were perfectly positioned especially when the comedians took to the stage which provided sound further down the 200ft marquee. 

    Stage & Drape 

    We also installed an 8m x 4m stage, complete with black casement to add the finishing touch to the stage. This was combined with black drape across the back and sides to create a back-stage area allowing artists to safely store their instruments and equipment. 



    Total Equipment Value – £113,135.00 

    Total Weight – 4,812kgs 

    Transport – 3x Vans 

    Premier Team 

    – 1x Senior Lighting Engineer 

    – 1x Senior Sound Engineer 

    – 4x General Technicians 

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