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Blog / 3.8.20

Why use an event management company?


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    Why use an Event Management Company?

    There are so many benefits to hiring a great event management company to manage your event – improved attendee feedback, lower stress levels and better value just to start!

    Managing a large event is costly and very time consuming, so the planning and timing of every single detail makes all the difference, something you probably don’t have time to do if you are trying to manage an event alongside your day job!

    That’s why it’s best to call in the professional. Event management companies have the time to dedicate to your event, the contacts and resources to ensure you get the most out of your budget, and will ask the questions needed to ensure your event objectives are always delivered.


    Here are our top reasons to use a professional event management company:

    Save both time and money

    We have written a whole blog on how we can save you both time and money, but in a nutshell, a great event management company will have a vast network of relationships with various suppliers. This allows them to negotiate on your behalf to increase added value and get the very best rates. Ultimately, this ensures that you get the most out of your budget.

    They can also access information quickly through their network and pull together ideas and options that are professional, on brand and in budget, which should help to save you and your team time and stress.


    Access to creative thinking

    Great event management companies should have a creative mindset, helping you to keep your events fresh each year. They will things like format, timings and space to ensure any creative concepts stay on brief, are practically and operationally achievable, and are deliverable within your specific event budget. A good event management company will also want to ensure you are 100% happy with every event and will always be looking for ways to improve and deliver more with each event to ensure the best possible results for their clients.


    The professionals

    By working with a great event management company, you are calling on the experts who do this day in day out. They have a reputation to uphold and will give your event the focus and time it deserves to ensure success.

    Event management companies are experienced at avoiding the pitfalls that come during the planning stages, and experts at pulling together complex budgets to ensure overall event success.

    In terms of execution, they should ensure a seamless on-site delivery with high levels of client and attendee satisfaction. They do this by meticulously planning and creating detailed documentation, briefings, logistical plans and regularly communicating with everyone involved, to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the life of the event.

    They really do cover all angles to ensure things run like clockwork, allowing you to take a step back from the detail, and focus on the overall event – making sure all of your stakeholders and happy and enjoying themselves.


    Technology that makes life easier

    Event management companies typically have access to a range of technology and software that can be used to enhance your event and allow you to communicate with your attendees in a professional and streamlined way.

    Everything from slick email invites, data capture forms, professional websites and apps, joining instructions, texts and notifications on the day, as well as managing all of the event data in a safe and secure way can be invaluable in terms of time saved and strong communication with attendees.

    AV is another area of technology that is critical to the success of your event. Premier is both an Event Management Company and an AV Company so has all of the skills and equipment under one roof to deliver your full event requirements, without having to work with additional providers. This also ensures you get the best value for money, as everything is in house!


    Health and safety

    This can sometimes be an area that people find frustrating, as there’s a lot of red tape and boxes that need to be ticked when managing events and it can become very time consuming and complex, especially for larger events.

    But that’s what an Event Management Company is there to help with. Typically, they have the tools and experience to manage all aspects of health and safety, minimising risks and ensuring your delegates are kept safe throughout the event.



    So in summary, by hiring a great event management company that is aligned to your business culture and understands you event objectives, you are making an invaluable decision to help your event to run as smoothly and successfully as possible.

    A word of caution though, we aren’t suggesting that every event management company is equal. If working with one is something you are considering, then the next question you need to ask is, which company is the right partner for our business?

    Do they understand our culture? Are they aligned to and do they understand our event goals? Do they have the professionalism to deliver the quality of event we need? Because unless you create a real partnership and they become an extension of your own internal team, you won’t reap all of the potential rewards.


    For more information, or to see how we could help you plan your next event, please get in touch.

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