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Blog / 1.7.19

Why Choose Video Wall

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    One of the primary questions we asked ourselves as a company before deciding to invest £200,000 in LED video wall was, ‘Why would a client hire this product for their event instead of the traditional projector and screen combination’?

    The answer, as it turned out, was for a number of reasons, which we have helpfully outlined below.


    At Premier, we truly believe that content should be key to any conference or event. For the vast majority of our clients, they have bought together individuals from the business to deliver them a message, be that a company update, new sales targets, business performance or new policies and procedures.

    LED video wall can help to keep your delegates engaged. With vibrant colours and engaging content on a large screen, we have found that delegates are more engaged with the content itself as it is easier to see.

    Our design team are happy to work with you to create content for your event. Many of our clients already have the content that they want to deliver, our team will work with you to ensure that you make the most of the video wall.

    Powerpoint is still fine to use with LED video wall, but you’re certainly not restricted to it. We have the ability to add additional content layers to the screen such as live video feeds or social media integration for example.


    LED video wall can also be incorporated into you exhibition stands to ensure that you stand out from the crowd at any exhibition. With the vibrant colours and videos on any stand, you are sure to attract lots of attention.

    If you don’t know where to start, we can help you to design and build your perfect exhibition stand.


    LED video wall is infinitely brighter than using a projector and screen. Projector technology has moved on a long way in recent years, the new generation of laser projectors are great, but still no where near as bright as video wall.

    For events taking place in marquees, ambient sunlight can have a real impact on the brightness of the content when used with a projector and screen combination. This is not a problem with LED video wall, due to its superior brightness, it is not affected by sunlight.

    LED video wall is so bright in fact, that on most events have used our wall to date, have not had to turn the brightness up past 20%.


    Projection screens come in standard 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. By using LED video wall at your event, you are not constricted to these two aspect ratios. Each panel of wall is 0.5m x 0.5m and can be made into a square or rectangular size to suit your brief / the venue.

    As well as using LED video wall for a central screen, many clients also use LED panels to make tall rectangular pillars positioned either side of the screen, great for video content at awards ceremonies etc.


    Many of our clients love the fact that their video content no longer has to be ‘flat’. We are able to add both covex and concave curved LED video walls to increase their presence in the venue.

    The Environment

    Traditional set structures are created using wooden set panels that are covered using a leathergrain material. This material is single use and is subsequently thrown away after each event.

    With LED video wall however, the panels are simply placed back into their flightcase and used at the next event with different content on, thus avoiding the need to dispose of any waste material.

    Our PREMIUM video wall

    We stock over 200 panels of premium Unilumin UPADIII 2.6mm LED Video wall. This allows us to create video walls up to 18m wide and 3m tall from our in stock panels.

    To find out more about hiring LED Video Wall for your next event get in touch with our friendly team, they will be more than happy to talk through how it could be incorporated into your event.

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