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Weddings / 4.7.16

West Mill, Derby

love letters and white starlit dance floor at the west mill in derby

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The West Mill Wedding Venue is a stunning setting in the heart of Derby. This was our first visit to The West Mill and I’m sure it will be one of many.

We worked hand in hand with Penny, to put on the wedding of the year for our client Leanne. We did an initial site visit so that we had the opportunity to have a really good nose around the venue and get to grips with where everything is and how the venue works.

The venue is incredibly quirky and nothing like we have ever seen before. It is modern yet contemporary and every wedding looks different there which is really hard to achieve. It is a fantastic venue to work with and our first client Leanne was thrilled to be holding her wedding day there and using Premier Events to enhance the beauty of the already stunning venue which is The West Mill.

Leanne hired a 18t x 12ft White Starlit Dance Floor to lay upstairs to help really get her party going. During installation, we knew it was going to be a killer party because Leanne had a basket full of flip flops knowing her guests heels and uncomfortable shoes wouldn’t last very long on the dance floor (very prepared)! We made sure the dance floor was sparkly clean and perfectly polished so that when the bride and the guests entered the room they would be left speechless.

Our Illuminated LOVE Letters also made an appearance at The West Mill, and boy did they look fab! The 5ft Illuminated letters were the focal point of the wedding reception. They were a great source of light for when the main lights were dimmed down and when combined with the LED’s in the dance floor it made for a very sparkly and fabulous wedding reception.

All in all, Leanne was very happy with our service and left some wonderful feedback for us. We are looking forward to working with The West Mill again soon!

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