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Wedding Lighting in London

Wedding Lighting in London from Premier Events

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    At Premier Weddings we have a wide range of lighting available to help you transform your wedding venue with light.

    We have 10 years experience of lighting a wide variety of venues in the London area from the famous 5* hotels in Mayfair all the way through to village halls on the outskirts of London. Regardless of location our wedding lighting options will certainly add a WOW factor to it.

    Our LED Uplighting or Mood Lighting is by far our most popular product. With LED Uplighting we can light the walls of your venue in a colour or colours of your choice. We find that pink, red, purple and blue are our most popular colours, however we can make almost any colour that you wish! With 255 different shades to choose from we can match your weddings colour scheme. Our mood lighting service is the most cost effective way of transforming an entire venue.

    Many of our clients ask us to create a nightclub theme for the evening reception, we do this using a mixture of moving heads, haze and low fog effects. We can control the lighting throughout your wedding reception so that the colours used reflect the mood in the venue.

    We are also able to provide an indoor and outside image projection service, this allows us to project an image of your choice throughout your wedding. Many bride and grooms book their names to be projeced. We can provide the image projection service both inside and outside the venue, be that projected onto the dance floor or onto the front of the venue.

    Our building illumination service has proved to be very popular in the London area, be that lighting a house, tree or wedding venue. We use an outdoor version of our LED Uplighters to achieve this stunning effect.

    Effects such as mirror balls are still exceptionally popular, their simplicity and stunning effect makes them a great tool for adding light to a venue for the evening reception.

    Flame Lights are another option available for adding some light to your London wedding reception, we stock both traditional and LED flame lights which can create numerous colours.

    To find out more about our wedding lighting packages in London and the surrounding areas don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email.

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