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Weddings / 14.3.16

Wedding Backdrop Campaign

Premier Wedding backdrop campaign

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    Here at Premier Events we have been conducting some research into what the next ‘trend’ for 2016 is likely to be. Every year people (usually upcoming brides), come up with new and inspiring ideas for their fast approaching weddings! So after having many discussions with brides already this year, we believe that maybe it’s time for a new backdrop!

    We bought our first Ivory Starcloth Backdrop in the year 2009 and we have continued to purchase them to keep them looking new. They are still very popular, as they have a traditional style, which is still going strong in the world of weddings. Our Ivory Backdrop still goes out most weekends and still looks great behind your top table, however our research suggests that the wedding world is ready for something a little different.

    A styilsh focal point is ideal for behind the top table, or as a backdrop for capturing that picture perfect photo. I guess the unanswered question is ‘What do people want?’, and we didn’t know the answer at first, but now we have some pretty good ideas as to what our brides are looking for.

    We feel Rustic and Vintage themes have been in for the last few years and maybe it’s time to venture into a new realm of wedding décor.

    We have met with so many brides already this year and the conclusion we have come to is that brides are moving away from the more traditional décor and are looking for something a little more modern and cutting edge. We also found that more and more brides are looking for something unique, that hasn’t been done before, or at the very least, haven’t been seen much.

    So we narrowed down our findings to 4 different backdrops that we thought would be equally popular and created a Facebook campaign where we asked all our upcoming brides to ‘like’ their favourite. We had a Gold Glitter Backdrop, a Festoon Lighting Background, a Bespoke Chalk Board and a DIY Ribbon Backdrop. We found some pictures using Pinterest that we thought showed the ideas well enough that our brides could be inspired to use them on their own wedding days and we got a great response.

    Originally we thought that the ideas were of equal vision but our results proved us wrong. Our brides-to-be had a clear idea of what it was they preferred, as the Festoon Lighting won the race with a massive 55% of our overall voters. The Bespoke Chalk Board came in second with 29% and the Gold Glitter Backdrop came third with just 14% (much to our wedding coordinator Libbie’s disgust), and the DIY Ribbons with just a 2% result from all voters.

    It was really interesting to see what our brides thought to the new backdrops and great to have a very clear winner!

    Due to our findings we have now invested in 125m of Festoon Lighting. We decided on white cable to blend with most wedding themes and they display a beautiful warm white glow. They are not recommended for outside use but they are perfect for use indoors.

    We have found the most popular use for the festoon lighting is to wrap them around beams or hang them in your reception venue. However if you have any crazy ideas you’d like to try out, Premier Weddings are the ones to pull it off.

    We try our hardest to keep up with the latest trends (plus we like to be the first), so don’t be shy and show us what you have in mind.

    Keep a look out on our facebook and twitter pages for new pictures of the Festoon Lighting, they will be coming soon!

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