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Behind the Scenes / 4.9.20

Virtual Event Studio

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Ben Mccarthy

Ben McCarthy

Managing Director

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At Premier, we were one of the first companies in the UK to design and build a Virtual Event Studio back when the ‘lockdown’ began.

Back in April, we had no idea if or how successful it would be, but we knew that we had to try and do something to generate some revenue and so we set to work with a very minimal team and built the studio in an area of the warehouse that was the most available.

Over the next few months we had lots of interest in the studio, but only a handful of bookings. We knew however that the concept was of interest to client and so at the end of July we decided to go all out and build a new and improved Virtual Event Studio. This was by no means an easy task as it first involved emptying, decorating re-organising the warehouse that the new studio would be situated in.

Time-lapse of the build

With bookings now secured for September, we had a deadline to work to. We were able to get a number of the team back from furlough to build the new space, to say we are happy with it is an understatement. We have been blown away with the feedback from people seeing the build take place on social media as well as clients that have already used the space.

We filmed this time-lapse video to show what’s involved in building a project of this size, the floor space is approximately 15m x 15m to give you an idea of the size.

Virtual Events were never really part of our business plan here at Premier, but we absolutely love being in the studio and can’t see any reason for us to be taking it down anytime soon. When you are in the space, it’s just like being in a TV studio, you forget that a warehouse is the other side of the door.

We are now inviting past and potential new clients to come and view the space to see if / how it could be used for their next event. If you would like to arrange a viewing email who would be more than happy to show you around.

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