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Behind the Scenes / 10.11.20

Virtual Event Company – AV Tech Roles


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    As a virtual event company the virtual & hybrid events we deliver for our clients require a number of skilled AV technicians to ensure that they are delivered smoothly.

    We wanted to take a quick look at each of these roles and include a brief summary of what it is that each person does so that as clients, you have a better understanding of their roles and ultimately, what you are paying for. At Premier, we have pivoted from being a production company to being a virtual event company. We still deliver award winning events, these are now however no longer in person.

    If you are organising a virtual or a hybrid event and how complex the show is, will decide how many people carrying out these roles you will need.

    By providing a fully staffed studio, all you have to concentrate on is the content which is ultimately why you are holding the event in the first place!


    Premier Studio Roles


    Sound Tech

    This person will ensure that everyone in the studio has their own dedicated, sanitised microphone and that the sound levels of the presenters, VT’s and any ‘external virtual callers’ are all perfect for the live stream. They will also be responsible for background music and award stings.


    Lighting Tech

    This person will be responsible for the lighting in the studio, we may for example dim the lighting for any VT’s or change the lighting states for any award stings etc. They will work with you on the rehearsal day to create a light show that uses your corporate colours for example.


    Graphics (PPT) Operator

    This person will be responsible for transitioning between slides on any presentations used throughout the event. There is an option for the presenter to use a clicker should they prefer for this. The tech can also make changes to the PowerPoint slides during the rehearsal and show days.


    VT Tech

    This person will be responsible for the playback of any VT’s during the event, they will be using both the main and backup machines and have the ability to switch between them if needed.


    Studio LED Wall Operator

    This person’s role is to manage the content that is displayed on the video wall within the Premier studio. If we are bringing in live remote callers to the studio, this person will be ensuring that they are located in the correct position.


    Camera Operators

    It is possible to just use static camera angles for an event. However, for a more dynamic event we would recommend having camera operators, they can move the camera locations as well as zoom in / out on presenters and pan across the stage.


    Autocue Operator

    This person plays a huge role in the success of an event. By using camera hoods, the script that a presenter needs to read is placed just above each camera ensuring that they maintain eye contact with the audience at all times. They are on hand to make any script amends during the rehearsals.


    Virtual & Hybrid Studio Roles

    These roles can be used for both a virtual event and a hybrid event.


    Producer / Showcaller

    For complex shows this person is critical to the success of the event. They act like a director; they will produce the live stream by calling the event and choose what content is shown to the virtual audience.


    Streaming Tech

    This person will be responsible for managing the live stream and liaising with the other AV technicians. They will ensure that the stream can be viewed by the audience at all times and have the ability to switch to the backup stream should anything happen to the primary stream


    vMix Call Technician

    This person’s role is to ensure that any remote presenters are patched into the studio correctly. They have a direct line of communication with the callers and will advise them when they are live.


    vMix Operator

    This person’s role is to mix together graphics such as lower thirds and camera feeds as well as VT’s and PPT’s to create the stream that will be send out to a platform such as P-VENT


    Got any questions?

    Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about how to deliver events in this new virtual and hybrid world that we now live in. At Premier, as a virtual event company we have been delivering large scale virtual events since March, we are trusted by a number of global companies to deliver their events, could we help with yours?

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