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Event Management / 1.10.19

Top 10 Event Trends For 2020

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    We are now in October and having already delivered hundreds of events for clients this year, we are taking a look at the event trends that we have seen grow in 2019, and new event trends expected for 2020.

    Below are Premier Events top 10 event trends that we expect to make a big impression in 2020. If you want your event to be one to be remebered, then these are things to consider when you’re planning your next event.

    1. Photo Mosaic Wall

    Photo Mosaic Walls, also known as a hashtag wall, have been a key trend this year with parties, weddings and conferences alike. They take images from your chosen hashtag and recreate a mosaic wall to display a chosen image or text.

    Our photo mosaic walls are being hired by large corporate companies for conferences, corporate parties, award ceremonies and exhibitions.

    They are also being hired by sporting teams and music festivals. Basically, any event that is looking for audience engagement.

    Photo mosaic walls are also great for private parties such as special birthdays or anniversaries as well as weddings.

    2. High Quality LED Video Wall

    Video walls have been around for a while but having a high-quality one will make all the difference.

    Unilumin LED Video Wall can produce HD quality display that will ensure that whatever you wish to display will be of the highest quality.

    They are also used by our clients to display photos from the magic mirror and ipad selfie mirrors.

    3. LED Furniture

    LED Furniture is still trending in 2019, especially for ice-themed events and we expect them to be even more popular around Christmas time with Christmas parties already being booked.

    The LED furniture can be used both on indoor and outdoor events as it is weather proof.

    Popular events include, VIP areas at music festivals, Christmas parties, Private birthday parties and exhibitions.

    4. Audience Participation

    Getting the audience involved is key this year with an increase in live opinion polls along with Virtual Reality gaming/experiences and photo mosaic walls (Afterall you can’t create a photo mosaic without photos provided by the attendees)

    5. Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality (VR) deserves its own section as although it is starting to grow in 2019, we expect this to become commonplace at events up and down the country.

    VR is also being used with event design and planning to allow event managers/planners/coordinators to visualise their event before committing to the plan.

    Watch this space for future announcements from Premier…

    6. Drone Footage

    To show off your event, what better way than by the use of drone footage. Still shots are great, but as technology grows in the events industry, expect to see more event advertisements using drone footage.

    A video from the sky of a music festival or outdoor fair can provide people with a real insight into the size of an event.

    They are also great for concert footage to give a real sense of atmosphere.

    7. Social Media Walls

    Social media walls allow you to display content on a large screen at your event from across all of your social media channels with the simple use of a hashtag.

    This allows people at the event to post in real-time about the event that they are attending. They can post text or image content.

    Everything is moderated before it is published to the live feed.

    8. Shimmer Walls

    Shimmer walls are a wall of beautiful large metallic discs, similar to a sequin. They can be created using any colour and many event planners are using corporate colours as the backdrop to their entrance photos.

    They can even include a company logo and provide a beautiful backdrop to any event entrance photo with a professional photographer.

    9. Video Flip

    A video flip is a new product to the market in 2019 and is an absolute must for 2020!

    It is set to be the next big thing at any event that would previously have had a photo booth.

    The video flip allows you to make a short fun video and then turns it into a physical photo flipbook for your attendees to keep.

    A video flip is great to keep your attendees entertained while still offering a chance to give brand awareness, by having the front cover of the flipbook branded.

    This is something that they are then likely to take home, show people and keep.

    10. Sparkulars

    Sparkulars are best described as a cold pyrotechnic. They give off a flame effect without being dangerous. This means that they can be used indoors for Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Private Functions and Corporate Parties.

    Anyone organising an indoor event, that is looking to add a professional touch, needs to consider using Sparkulars. That said, they can also be used outdoors for Music Festivals and other outdoor entertainment.

    They are often used during an Awards Ceremony when the winners go on stage to collect their awards or when a band plays a key point in a song.

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    With audience engagement being a key focus in 2019 we are expecting this to grow further over the next couple of years. Audiences no longer want to just attend a conference or awards ceremony, they want to play their part as well as be entertained.

    By adding things such as a social media wall and live polls it allows people to feel like they are having their say in topics and discussions at a conference for example.

    For more information about the products mentioned above, contact one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you.

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