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Talent Works International Conference & Awards

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    In March 2017 we were asked to provide a Marbella beach club themed night, following a daytime conference for 60 delegates. For this event, a considerable amount of planning was required to ensure guests could get the most from their day at the Belfry Hotel in Birmingham. Full AV production including lighting, sound, video & staging was proposed for this event as well as additional requirements such as a dancefloor & LED furniture was provided solely by Premier.

    At Premier we provide clients great customer service alongside the ability to provide everything from LED furniture to full conference sets using our in stock items.


    Process Overview

    A proposal, quotation and 3D renders were made available to the client to give them an idea of the look and feel we were proposing for the conference and awards evening. These documents outlined what equipment was going to be used and why it has been chosen for that event, alongside our detailed computer-generated visuals. This then allowed the client to feedback their thoughts on what we have proposed / quoted. Once feedback has been taken onboard, we then focused on logistics and working with the venue to ensure smooth running of the event.


    For the Conference

    To ensure guests attending could see and hear clearly, we installed production components such as audio, video, staging, set & lighting. To maximise space within the room itself, we opted for a 95” large format screen instead of a rear projected screen which sat neatly in between custom-built set panels. Video control was also included in the quotation which consisted of a switcher, playback pro, Microcue presenter & 2 Intel I5 laptops. In the proposal stage of this event, Talent Works were given insight into the various set packages available allowing them to choose what suited their needs best.

    Accompanying video was a sound system consisting of L’Acoustics 12XT’s & SB18’s, powered by LA8 amplifiers and mixed with a Yamaha LS9. To give effect during the daytime conference and create a stage space where presenters can be seen clearly, we made use of the ETC Source 4 which is a generic fixture and positioned them at the back of the room, offering little footprint yet effective lighting.

    A full show team including a production manager, looked after audio, video & lighting with these technicians being made available pre-show to liaise with Talent Works, ensuring all content is correct.


    For the Evening Awards

    For an evening awards with a Marbella theme, we additionally installed LED furniture, additional lighting, dancefloor, magic mirror & draping. Components like this allow us to create the theme the client is after and as all the equipment is in-house, no additional suppliers are required to install specific event components.

    After the daytime conference had finished, we were given a 3-hour period to turn the room around into an awards evening. To ensure this could be done within the given time frame, we provided additional crew to help speed up the install to meet client and venue requirements.

    Included in the proposal were a list of evening entertainment options which range from well known bands to a professional DJ. Once we had an idea of what the client wanted for entertainment, we could then account for requirements when specifying the system proposed.

    For lighting, we installed truss podiums with the Elation Platinum Spot 5R and either the        ADJ Event Bar Pro which is a 4x 10w moving head spot light and the Elation Sixbar which is a multiple element LED battern fixture.



    Hi Andy,

    It was a great event, thank you for everything you did.

    We look forward to working with you again.

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