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Event Production / 15.5.18

The Star Trust – Sparkles & Supercar Event

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    Star Trust are an established charity, which Premier have supported for several years through a number of fund raising events across the country.

    In April Premier were tasked by Star Trust to provide AV for a charity fund raising event held at the Porsche showroom in Nottingham. This would include audio, video and lighting as well as stage and backdrop.



    On receiving the brief our production team were tasked with providing a quotation to suit the client’s requirements as well as being conscious of the budget with this being a charity event.

    To give the client a clearer understanding of the quotation, we provided them with a CAD plan of the room, detailing where all the AV equipment would fit as well as guest’s tables and chairs. Utilising the venues event space was vital due to the small venue area and the number of attendees.

    We also put together a 3D visual of the room, built from the CAD plan, so the client could see what the lighting and stage would look like prior to us installing the event.


    Equipment Used


    We opted for a multiple speaker set up with 4x L-Acoustics 12XT speakers to provide a wide audio coverage to fill the room for speeches and VT audio. As a band were playing later in the evening we decided the 12” speaker would be better over our X8 8” speaker as it would produce a wider range of frequencies suitable for a live band set up. We also had 2x SB18 sub speakers for the low thump from the bands kick drum and the bass in the background music and VT audio, which meant the audio frequencies could go as low as 30Hz.

    This was all controlled via the Yamaha QL1 digital mixing desk complete with a RIO1608-D stage box, allowing us to send the microphone and band signals down a single cable.



    To provide the room with a wash of colour we provided over 20 elation Sixbar LED light bars around the perimeter of the room. With the Sixbars having RGBWA-UV LEDs, this allowed us to match the colours within the Star Trust logo accurately providing a personal touch to the event. We also supplied four ETC Source 4jr generic wash lamps to provide the stage with a warm white wash, allowing guests to view the presenters and the stage in a natural light.



    As the client was planning on showing multiple videos throughout the evening we installed two of our Panasonic 65” screens on free standing parabella stands. The screens provided full HD video content, large enough for the guests to view from any angle.

    As the room was very wide but quite narrow, we decided to install a Lumens VC-G50 HD camera in the centre of the room pointing at the stage, presenters and magician which a feed was sent to the side screens allowing the guests to view the stage from any angle in the room. The camera also allowed us to provide visual effects when the band took to the stage, for example close-ups of guitar solos etc.

    All content was controlled via an Analog Way Pulse 2 PLS350-3G PPU Video mixer. This allowed the video technician to seamlessly switch between PowerPoint, VT and camera as well as loading a holding slide.


    Staging and backdrop

    As the event was held in a car dealership with multiple large windows, this allowed a lot of light into the room. To block this out we installed a 6m x 4m black star cloth which also added to the venues décor. In front of this we installed a 6m x 3m stage, at 0.3m in height, complete with black carpet and casement for a clean and neat finish. This also provided the perfect platform for the presenters and band to perform from as well as providing a great focal point for the event.



    To add the finishing touches to the venue for the event our team installed a VIP red carpet with chrome posts and red ropes at the entrance. Poseur tables with a black cover were located in the area of the showroom used for the drinks reception. A wooden easel was also provided for the table plan to be mounted on.



    Thank you for your kind and valued support of our Sparkles & Supercar event on Saturday evening. We raised just over £20,000 which has enabled us to assist 4 East Midlands based charities;

    The work we undertake and the charities we assist would not be possible without your kind assistance and we all would like to thank you from the heart and you should be proud of your charitable endeavours.

    Steve Hampson, Chair & Co-founder

    The Star Trust



    Total Equipment Value – £86,116

    Total Weight – 2,693kgs

    Transport – 3x 3.5T Vans

    Premier Team

    • 1x Sound Engineer
    • 1x Video Engineer
    • 2x General Technicians
    • 2x Crew

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