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Weddings / 15.2.16

Social Media

We take a look at social media in this blog post

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    So as you already know, social media has taken over everybody lives! Nothing is a secret any more thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the list goes on! Luckily for us at Premier and the wedding world in general this is a good thing! Social Media ensures that no bride will ever miss a latest trend in the wedding industry and can be inspired beyond belief! Every bride that walks into my office has a pinterest board with more pins on it than Hollywood Bowl.

    Social Media has allowed brides all over the world to connect, discuss ideas and plan together. In this blog, we will discuss how the different forms of social media affect the wedding industry and Premier Weddings.

    Pinterest is not for the faint hearted! Pinterest has really opened up the world of weddings and has pushed people to be more creative with their planning. However it can become obsessive, so please before you enter the world of Pinterest, eat a good hearty meal (you’ll need the energy), and tell your groom-to-be that you will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

    At Premier Weddings we love to see what it is our brides are into, it’s a great way for us to keep on trend. It also helps us progresss in regards to the services and products that we can provide to our clients. So ladies (and gents), make sure you prep yourself before entering Pinterest and take plenty of supplies with you!

    Now pretty much the whole world is on Facebook and Premier Weddings wouldn’t want to miss out on that! Facebook is a great way for Premier Weddings to showcase what we do, it is also an amazing way for our clients to connect with us. We get no end of clients sending us Facebook messages, asking questions and requiring a quotation. We use Facebook to tell everyone what we’re getting up to in and outside of the office, oh how we love a check in point! More often than not, we like to upload images of our products and previous weddings and what we think is going to be the next best thing.

    Twitter can explode when it comes to weddings. There are so many pages, hashtags and professional people/companies on there that we have to keep up with. Sometimes Twitter is a job by itself! Just to give you an idea there’s #Weddinghour (Wednesday nights at 8pm), #WeddingWeddings #Weddingtrends2016 and #Weddinginspo and that’s just a sneak peek of what we follow! Twitter can be challenging with the restriction of characters you can use and uploading pictures digs in to that character count, but somehow we do manage to tweet a few times a week and keep up to date with our favourite hashtags and pages.

    Please check out our Social Media pages and browse as much as you want! If you see something you like, get in touch!


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