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Blog / 18.6.20

Save time & money by using a corporate events company!


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    Many people think that by bringing in a corporate events company, their costs will increase, and they won’t be getting the best value for money.

    However, this is typically not the case, in fact having a great corporate events company on board can actually save you both time and money and here’s how…

    A really good corporate events company will have a vast network of suppliers and contacts, which allows them to negotiate the best rates on your behalf. This ensures that your budget works as hard as possible and you get great value for money.

    During the course of the event planning, it’s inevitable that ideas change and new costs will need to be added to the budget, which can make managing the budget quite stressful, when you have to balance priorities and ensure the event objectives are still being met.

    However, it’s the corporate events company’s job to make sure that all costs stay within budget, or if that’s not possible, to get your approval to increase the budget to cover these additional requirements.

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    There are also some easy traps to fall into when managing budgets, that clients can sometimes overlook. Hidden venue charges, licensing, delivery costs etc, so having an expert who has worked on hundreds of previous event budgets is key to ensuring you keep your budget on track and don’t end up with a big overspend a couple of weeks after your event, once all of the costs have come to light!

    Corporate events companies are also great at saving you time because all you have to do is agree the date, location or venue and budget with your event partner and they will sort out the rest (with your approval along the way of course)!

    Corporate event companies, because they have so much event experience and their network of suppliers, can typically research and create proposals much quicker than any in-house team, so they are able to save you and your team from many late nights, headaches and much of the stress of organising the event yourself.

    Another great way to ensure you are getting the best value for your budget, is to look for a corporate event company that has an event production arm alongside an event management team. This will not only help to keep you costs down but also it enables your event team to work seamlessly across both disciplines to deliver your events.

    For more information, or to see how we can help save you time and money on your next event, please get in touch.

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