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AV Production / 15.11.17

Rural Business Awards

Our team provided full AV production for the Rural Business Awards, for the fourth year in a row.

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    For the 2017 Rural Business Awards, Premier provided full AV production for the fourth year in a row. This consisted of pre-production, installation and operation of audio, video, stage & set, lighting, magic mirror & much more.

    As the awards have grown in size each year, for this event we provided much more kit and included a number of additional features to make RBA 2017 stand out from past years.

    The venue was Denbies Wine Estate which is just to the east of Guildford. The venue had an impressive triangle glass roof, with a water feature in the middle of the event space.



    As with all events here at Premier, in Pre-Production it’s vital to get a good understanding of the location, structure, power and infrastructure alongside the client’s needs. Making visual discussions and ideas come to reality is what we do best here at Premier and this is exactly what we did for RBA 2017.

    During the site visit we determined that the neatest way to rig all of the required equipment was to use 4 x truss runs of H30V truss to make a box. This allowed us to cover the entire conservatory with programmable moving lights.

    To be able to provide this our team calculated the weight on the roof, trim height of the room and capability to provide a power/control loom to run to each truss. After calculating possible fixture count and therefore power consumption we were able to use 1 single loom, linked between all 4 trusses. This capability was mainly down to being able to use splitter boxes and running all fixtures on ArtNet, a protocol designed to allow up to 512 universes on 1 run of cable.

    Premier also made use of some software available which is now found across all event types, a live twitter feed. We understand that branding and word of mouth is important and with almost everyone on social media, the live twitter feed was simply told to look for specific hashtags and the crew operating, or even the client, can choose from tweets and project them on to the screen at any point in the event.

    As the venue was to be open to the public on the day of the event, our team carried out an early hours install of the rigging and associated fixtures. We then returned once the venue was closed to install the stage and set which was to be the focal point of the event.


    Equipment Used:

    Premier used high-end fixtures to compliment a room full of guests celebrating their years of work within the rural business sector. We always want to recreate our event concept to reality as much as possible, so to do this we made use of Chauvet’s popular R2 wash fixture which can be individually pixel mapped alongside our very own Elation 5R & Fuze Z120 fixtures. Moving lights offer a professional event context in which their uses and abilities are endless,

    Premier also used ADJ’s Event Bar Pro which is a handy bit of kit when it comes to a table banquet style event. The Event Bar Pro consists of 4 mini moving heads which can individually be controlled and effortlessly produce 40w per bar at a beam angle of 3 degrees, perfect for individual table light.

    Premier once again made an event feel a little more special with the use of our very own Sparkular’s (we love them that much we have had to order more!) these sat nicely on the stage and work well for entrance features or during stings when an award is being handed out.

    For video Premier installed the industry workhorse, Panasonic PT-RZ970 10K Laser Projector. Crystal clear content with various lenses available based on context and requirements. A reliable video system also included a comfort monitor for the present speaker to eliminate turning around to see the current slide and portray the professional yet celebrative atmosphere. For audio it was necessary to use L’Acoustics SB18 & KARA speakers alongside the Yamaha LS9. The speakers, paired with the widely famous LA8 amplifiers gave the entire room even distributed audio and made the event audible reliably and easily.



    The event was a huge success from both a guest experience as well as from a technical point of view. Client feedback was very positive and we look forward to working with the team at the Rural Business Awards on next year’s event.



    Number of events: 1

    Total equipment weight: 5.47 Tonnes

    Total number of items: 1911

    Total man hours: 45

    Value of equipment provided: £187,199

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