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Event Production / 2.12.15

Rolls Royce Dawn Launch

Premier provided AV support for the launch of the Rolls Royce Dawn in Sunningdale

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    Premier were asked to provide AV support for the launch of the new Rolls Royce Dawn at their dealership in Sunningdale.

    Our client Stones Events provided the catering for the event and we were more than happy to assist them with the launch of such an amazing car.

    The Rolls Royce showroom at Sunningdale is fairly small and so we had to be creative with the AV equipment used. The brief was to provide both lighting and audio for the event which was to be attended by new and existing clients.


    The PA system used comprised of two L-Acoustics 8XT and two L-Acoustics 5XT speakers. The larger 8xt speakers were positioned near to the car and mounted using the visually appealing round base stands. The 5XT’s were placed further down the showroom to act as delays, these small and compact speakers were exceptionally discreet. The 5XT fits into the palm of your hand and is mounted using a microphone stand; they are ideal for this type of small event. All of the speakers were powered using a single L-Acoustics LA8 amplifier.

    Background music was played by our sound engineer throughout the evening as well as the music used for the reveal of the car itself. A Sennheiser EW300 G3 hand held radio microphone was also supplied for the speeches that were made during the evening. All audio was ran through a Yamaha LS9-16 channel digital desk.


    Lighting for the evening was courtesy of 3 main elements; reveal lighting, under car lighting and showroom lighting.

    For the showroom lighting we positioned 12 of our battery powered and chrome finished Event Spots around the perimeter. These fixtures are not only super bright and have red, green, blue and amber LED’s in them, they are also controllable via wireless DMX. This allowed our lighting engineer to change the colour of all of the units at the touch of a button.

    Having used the Elation SixBars successfully on a number of other car launches they were our first choice of lighting unit for this event. The SixBar is an exceptionally bright 0.9m LED batten with red, green, blue, white, amber and UV LED’s to choose from.

    For the reveal itself our lighting engineer programmed four of the Elation Platinum Spot 5R moving heads to slowly pan around the venue to begin with and to increase in speed and intensity as the reveal of the car approached. The moving heads were placed on four 2m truss podiums which were toned in blue and covered with a white lycra sock. All of the lighting was controlled by the versatile Avolites Quartz lighting desk.

    The event itself was a success with lots of interest in the new Rolls Royce Dawn for the dealership.

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