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Event Management / 3.7.18

Retail Roadshow Event – Jaguar Experience

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    We were commissioned by Inspired Thinking Group to help them offer an enhanced delegate experience for one of their clients 2018 summer retail roadshow event. Taking place at the Jaguar Experience Centre, the event ran over four days and had a footfall of approximately 1000 delegates. The client had hosted this event in this location several times previously, and hoped we could help them to breathe a new lease of life into the space.

    Our main focus was transforming the Theatre space into an atmospheric environment, which shifted theme throughout the event. We also assisted with some lighting display solutions in one of the breakout sessions.



    After an initial briefing call and a number of email exchanges with the client it was agreed that we would develop a suite of lighting states for the event space, complete with 3D renderings of each suggestion, for the client to review. We landed with a selection of 3 different lighting states for each day – the first depicting the night sky, the second with a corporate feel, and the third representing sun rise.

    In addition to the lighting suite, we also manufactured bespoke frames to fit into the existing system of exchangeable graphics that the venue had either side of their projection screen.  Creating these drawings in a CAD plan allowed precise in-house fabrication to ensure a seamless first time fit on installation to the venue.  Bespoke clouds were produced by our in house fabrication team and suspended from the roof on site. We also used a thick layer of ground fog to wow the delegates as they entered the space for the first time; when the fog and lights were paired with a tailor made “night time” sound track , the event became a real multisensory experience!

    Our event management and production teams once again worked hand in hard during the planning process to ensure that we were able to deliver an event that not only matched our clients brief, but exceeded their expectations.


    3D Render vs Event Photo


    Equipment Used

    Chauvet R2 wash lights were specified to wash the clouds giving them a realistic night and day glow. Their bigger brother the Chauvet R3 wash were used to give the walls a sun glow wash.

    Elation Sixbars were was placed around the room up lighting the walls and tying the whole room together into the theme.

    Two of our Elation Artiste Davinci’s had custom gobos ordered and installed. These were used as front image projection, using these powerful lights as image projection ensured a bright sharp gobo. One of the units was also used for a sun, with its powerful optics and great colour mixing this created a wonderful effect.

    ETC source fours were used around the room with star breakups and half CTB complimenting the wash lights and general room effects. One Source four had a custom glass moon gobo projecting a realistic moon with crisp clean look.

    Four Glaciatior Xstream’s were placed around the room to apply low level fog to the floor. This allowed for the delegates to enter the room with a layer of fog around the ankles as if they were walking in the clouds.

    Two more Davinci’s were placed in one of the breakout rooms of the venue. These were placed directly above two circular tables and set perfectly to look like bright shafts of light hitting the tables.

    All of this was being controlled from our Avolites Quartz console.



    Total Equipment Value – £89,998

    Total Weight – 2291kg

    Transport – 3x 3.5T Vans (1 dedicated to clouds)

    Premier Team

    • Event Manager
    • Production Manager
    • General Technician
    • Lighting Technician
    • Crew

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