Reading Stapleford Park – Product Launch


Event Production / 20.1.15

Stapleford Park – Product Launch

Premier delivered a stage and set for the launch of a new range of hair dressing products

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    We received an enquiry for an intriguing conference style event at Stapleford Park near Melton Mowbray. Shortly after this, we met with the client at the venue to discuss their requirements.

    In addition to the typical conference format, this event was to feature live hairdressing demonstrations. The organisers stressed the importance of ensuring that these demonstrations were well lit, without altering the tones of the models hair. On top of this, it was imperative that any lighting or supporting structures were not in any of the guests’ sightlines. Our initial suggestion of a single aluminum pole supported using a tank trap seemed to be the most elegant solution.

    Our Production Designer set about creating a 3D model of the room, along with the 24’x10’ set, L-Acoustics 8XT PA, full perimeter uplighting, and standard stage wash lighting. Several options were then modeled to find the best points for the additional stage lighting, based around 4 Selecon Fresnels a side.

    We then compiled the quotation, floor plan, photos of similar events we’d worked on, and 3D visuals into a creative event proposal for our client to understand exactly what we were planning to do.

    Our client was very pleased with this, and after adding a few more items, the event was given approval.

    We arrived early on the day of the event and our crew of three quickly built the set, stage, projection screen, and set returns before splitting up to individually work on sound, video, and lighting.

    Four ETC Source Four profile lights were set up facing the stage, along with our tank trap solutions at either side of the stage. All of the generic lighting was able to be fully controllable throughout the show, illuminating the stage at given times. In anticipation of any potential issues, we brought along a wide selection of coloured gels that we could use to correct the colour of our stage lighting.

    Our dedicated video engineer was able to sit with the client and go through the presentations and video content before the event began, ironing out any potential issues in advance.

    The sound engineer rang out the lectern and headset mics fully whilst the room was empty, ensuring that there would be no feedback during the event. He was then able to mic up the presenters, whilst making sure not to disturb any of their recently finished hair styles.

    Due to our forward planning our team had finished the setup in plenty of time, and were able to take a short break before the event started. During the show the presenters changed effortlessly, PowerPoint and video content were played and switched seamlessly, and the live demonstrations were fully lit and went exactly according to plan.

    We received positive feedback throughout the day from the presenters, guests, and our client, and this was followed up soon after the event with the following email:

    “Hi Andy,

    I just wanted to say a massive thanks to you and your team for all your hard work and for looking after us last week.

    You were all totally professional and really helpful. You made everything run very smoothly and it was all super slick.

    We would definitely use you again and recommend you to anyone else.”

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