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Event Production / 19.2.19

Recent Exhibition Stand Projects

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    Provide a series of Exhibition Stands at various shows across the UK at the beginning of 2019. Premier were tasked with designing, building and installing a 6m x 4m stand for Kobas Technologies. Kobas provide a hospitality management solution which is cloud based and features the latest in EPoS systems. We worked closely with Kobas to understand their ambitions and see how they wanted to present the business at shows such as Food Service Show, Casual Dining Show and many more.

    As Kobas are a digital company who work in offering electronic systems, they wanted to offer this in a friendly environment that welcomed guests. We worked with them to achieve this designing the stand in a 3D environment thus allowing them to see their ideas come to life.

    With Kobas exhibiting at multiple shows across the UK, we wanted to propose a stand that could be re-used and work well in any environment. We looked at interactional areas within the stand but without making the stand feel to clustered.


    Once a brief has been given by the client, we get to work on building an idea into reality, this is done by mixing our vast experience within the exhibition industry with the client’s needs. We proposed a T3 structure as we could make virtually any stand come to life with the use of its framework. Kobas wanted a huge backdrop up to the height of 4m and as wide as the stand. Fronting this backdrop, we proposed the use of Tension Fabric, with the ability to be one entire surface thus removing joins makes it preferable over other artwork solutions.

    We proposed the use of our pallet style bar structure and positioned this at the front of the stand allowing Kobas to show off the latest in till technology and their Epos equipment.

    As cables needed to be run to various parts of the stand, we quoted the use of a raised floor which could incorporate any carpet or vinyl. This had channels within that could be adjusted allowing the use of cable drops anywhere the floor is laid. This ensures the stand is kept tidy and offers a professional look to all who view the stand.


    Premier deployed the T3 framework consisting of channel beams to construct a stable, weighted 6m wide by 4m high structure. Fronting this were combs which allowed us to attach tension graphic in a seamless manor and provide a smooth read-across image on the stand. Below this could be found Qik Link flooring which Premier invested in, in 2018. This flooring comes in 25cm x 25cm panels meaning it can be custom made to suit any stand dimension. At a raised height of 40cm, it means cables up to 3-phase can be run through the flooring without affecting the visible surface.


    • 800 Items
    • Weight – 700kg
    • Visible Graphic Area 28m2
    • Crew – 2
    • Locations – Birmingham, Manchester & London

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