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Event Production / 24.5.18

Raleigh Bike Launch

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    Premier were contacted by Raleigh back in late April as they required a bespoke lighting installation which would help promote the latest in bike technology and work alongside the product launch of not one but two new hi spec bikes.

    Raleigh are a well-known global brand who hosted a 4-day period showcasing the latest bikes to clients from across the world. The showroom setting was at their head office in Nottinghamshire and had various features built in that Premier could work with to increase the aesthetic component of the event.

    Alongside 2 circular plinths that required lighting, we had various coves that would showcase certain parts of the bike and would require LED programmable lighting. Given the brief and some draft mock ups of how they wanted it to be presented, we then generated a quotation which outlines the ideas we have had as well as how we can bring them to life.



    Having seen the initial brief, it was evident a site visit would be required. The site visit will always give us invaluable knowledge into how we can effectively light the active space and also meet with the client and fully understand their needs. Our experience and knowledge allows us to channel relative information to produce an outcome that works for both the client and ourselves, as we have to then build it safely and within guidelines. The idea of having vertically hung tubes around a plinth posed many questions from how we can safely do so, to how we can keep the aesthetic nature it was originally intended for.

    We specifically look at the colour temperature of the fixtures and how these would incorporate an effective solution to making certain areas stand out and draw people in. We had the ability to rig vertically as there was a pre- rigged circular trussing structure which had in built power and rigging points. With every entrance into an event space, this is the first point of view for guests when walking in and Raleigh wanted to incorporate logo and design that had little footprint and matched the theme of the event.

    We recommended a rotating gobo with the custom logos on which sat nicely next to the entrance, the mover itself was hidden at height along with control for it. Following this we wanted to propose some orange soft lighting around 2700-3000 kelvin which represents the warm range of event lighting. The fixtures we considered were front heavy due to the number of lenses they have and not having the ability to secure them directly to the proposed structure top we had to look at other options. As having a tripod or base stand in the active area wasn’t an option to keep footprint reduced, we looked at miniature tripods which would effectively hold a spigot with an M10 bolt, this allowed us to clamp directly from the yoke of the fixture onto the stand and safely rig at height.


    Equipment Overview

    After dedicating time to ensuring the event solution is plausible and can be safely implemented, we then looked at what equipment would work best and would suit the 4-day requirement of the event. As the requirement for gobo projection included rotation, we included the use of an Elation Platinum Spot 5R as these come with a 2000-hour lamp life so being left on was no problem for this fixture.

    Various uplighting and LED programmable sections within the showroom space was required and we opted for and quoted the Astera AX3’s. These tiny LED element fixtures have a wide variety of abilities that make them suitable for any environment, for this specific environment we exploited their long battery life, strong 13°beam and free-standing capability. We used them to create an LED effect on the top surface of a plinth with these lighting the underside of a bike along with them angled to light specific new features within a bike that Raleigh had been developing.

    For the vertically hung lighting tubes, we wanted full 360°light output in an aesthetically pleasing casing that had structural points we could rig onto. Premier looked to match the client’s ideas and find a suitable product that would work well in the environment. We opted for Encapsulite T5 HFI Fluorescent tubes as these were made from diffused polycarbonate and have simple power link connectors which made for an easier install. All of these were combined to effectively light sections that guests would walk around within the showroom, this was all completed with little footprint on the event.


    Total Equipment Value – £21,436

    Total Weight – 747kg

    Transport – 1x 3.5T Van

    Premier Team – 2x Technicians for both the install and De-Rig

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