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AV Production / 7.3.19

Private Party at Stapleford Park

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    Private Party, Stapleford Park – Case Study


    Propose full production and event management elements for a 40thbirthday party at Stapleford Park.

    Production elements consisted of audio for 2 live bands, lighting and staging along with event management looking after the running of the event, providing a point of contact for the client on-site.

    The client wanted a ‘theatre circus’ style theme for their event which consisted of a Greatest Showman tribute along with bespoke décor to bring the event to life and make the event special for every guest attending.

    Upon a site visit of Stapleford, the client decided they wanted the room fully draping which is something we were able to look after. We proposed this along with other aspects such as table centers, uplighting, props and outdoor LED spheres.

    When being given a brief at any venue, we look at how we can make the most of the features within the event space and surrounding areas. We are able to gather this along with vast experience working at this venue and draw up a proposal and quotation, which allowed the client to have 1 point of contact for the entire event.

    We have in-house, a 3D rendering team whom are dedicated to using their vast experience on designs for events such as this, giving them a brief, they had their input along with our own to create an event which stood out and brought the designated theming, to life.


    To utilise space and minimize footprint, we looked at how we could elevate all the desired lighting effects. This could be done by our wide range of Prolyte H30V Trussing. Building a truss goalpost hanging lights both intelligent and generic, we could make the 8m x 4m Prolyte Stage stand out.

    The forefront of lighting was Elation Fixtures such as the Sixbar 1000 and Artiste Davinci, accompanied by Chauvet Rogue R2‘s and the Robe Patt 2013. These would be controlled by an Avolites Quartz at control, all run easily over the network, ArtNet.

    Premier have utilised this protocol for years however after a recent investment we are able to send 1 sole network cable to a custom ArtNet rack consisting of a Chauvet NetX and 4 DMX buffers. This combination of lighting effects was generated in-house taking into account the needs of the event and the theme.

    To project audio to all guests for the evening at a clean audible level, along with ensuring the band changeover needs could be met, we pulled out the Yamaha QL5 along with its RIO 1608 stage boxes.

    Working with the client and the bands allowed us to prepare for this and work on all these aspects in Pre-Production. We have a variety of looms in house however our 100m Quad CAT6A multicore was perfect as we can send Dante Primary and ArtNet down the control trunk along with a separate Dante Secondary Trunk. This allowed our technicians to talk to the 12 ways of Sennhesier G3 IEM’S and 8 ways of Sennhesier G4 mics.


    Kit Value – £240,000.00

    Weight – 6.1 Tonnes

    Crew – 5 Install, 3 Show, 5 Derig

    Transport – 26t

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