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AV Production / 16.5.23

Premier support recruitment client with a virtual event


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    Premier support recruitment client with a virtual event.

    In January, we provided content support, AV support, and our virtual event platform for our client’s kick-off meeting.

    This was the second consecutive year we supported with this annual kick-off meeting hosted at our clients head office in central London. This 1-day event was packed full of content for the audience of over 1,000 people who logged in to watch. So how did we deliver this?


    Creative and Content

    Our content and creative team played an integral role in the delivery of the event. From providing PowerPoint support and designing the decks themselves, writing scripts and creating a detailed run of show that was used by the production team to ensure we hit every cue.

    This process takes time, and in the weeks leading up to the event, we worked closely with the client’s project team to ensure that for the rehearsal day, we had all of the content that we needed to deliver a seamless broadcast.

    The run of show acts as our ‘bible’ on site; it outlines everything that should be happening in each session, including:

    • Who the presenters are
    • Where they should be stood
    • Their microphone number
    • PPTs to show
    • VT’s to play
    • Stingers
    • Lower thirds
    • Layout style
    • If there is any interactive polling etc

    Our content team will work with the client to produce all of this ahead of the rehearsal day to ensure that this time is more about getting presenters used to the environment and camera-mounted autocue and not what the content looks like.

    On-site, our event producer and content managers play a key role. The content manager manages every piece of content to ensure we always work with the latest versions. Our producer pulls the show together and acts as a director, and ‘calls the show’; once the event has started, everything runs through them.

    AV Production

    Delivering a seamless live virtual event requires a big team and lots of equipment, this wasn’t an event that 2 cameras and a vMix laptop was suitable for.

    We created 5 locations that presenters could have as the backdrop, all of which had a unique look and feel; these were:

    1. 4m x 2.5m LED Video wall
    2. 5 video wall podiums, 0.5m wide and 2.5m tall
    3. Illuminated TAG letters.
    4. A seating area enhanced with LED Tubes
    5. A sofa and flower wall which was already at the venue.

    With multiple locations and quick transitions, we utilised TV Ped’s for the cameras to be housed on; this allowed the team to capture dynamic shots as well as easily move between locations. Our Blackmagic URSA’s were used on-site due to their superior output. All cameras ran through the Blackmagic ATEM control panel and our ATEM M/E vision PPU. We also utilised the Birddog P200 PTZ cameras for wide and behind-the-scenes shots.

    The show was ultimately run through our vMix PPU, which took in the camera feeds as well as all of the PPT’s VT’s stingers and lower thirds etc.

    Ensuring that the presenters were well-lit was a big priority for the team. To enable us to do this, we installed 22 soft panels around the venue, with most of them being flown from the roof. We also utilised the Chauvet COLORado Q40 panels and Astera Titan Tubes to add some colour.

    Audio ran through a Yamaha QL5 digital desk with 13 channels of Sennheiser EW300 G4 used on-site and IEM’s for key presenters. We also had a DJ as part of the awards ceremony, and so we provided them with their rider and used L-Acoustic X8’s and 12XT’s in the venue as well.

    The technical team used wired and wireless comms from GreenGo to communicate with each other during the show.

    To ensure that we had a redundant internet connection, as well as using the venue’s hard-wired connection, we also brought with us our 4G solution.

    Event Platform

    All sessions were streamed using our virtual event platform P-VENT. With its easy-to-navigate user interface, it is the platform of choice for the vast majority of our clients.

    The ability for the audience to react to the content with live emoji feedback has proven to be exceptionally popular. We patch the live stream from the studio into the P-VENT platform using Vimeo, allowing the delegates to watch the event in full HD.

    Our team were on-site at the client’s offices to manage any user queries relating to the platform during the event.

    Feedback from the client was exceptionally positive and we are looking forward to working with them again on next years event.

    Are you planning a virtual event? Could we help? Get in touch with the team to find out more about how we could support your next event.

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