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Case Study / 3.10.23

Premier Support Bentley Car Launch


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Natalie Palmer

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    Premier supports Bentley Leicester with a car launch.

    A VIP car reveal event demands an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. To meet our client’s expectations, we were tasked with creating subtle yet effective uplighting that would transform the venue’s external and internal areas. In this blog, we’ll delve into the CAD/Plan, detailing our lighting choices and placement, and discuss how everything came together on the big day.

    CAD/Plan: After carefully considering the venue and its layout, we devised a comprehensive lighting plan that seamlessly integrates external and internal lighting elements. Here’s what we decided:

    External Uplighting: To illuminate the external perimeter of the building, we opted for Chauvet Colorado Q40 Panels. These panels were strategically positioned around the venue to create a stunning visual effect. Their warm, subtle glow would accentuate the architecture and set the stage for the grand car reveal.

    Internal Uplighting: The internal venue required a different approach to enhance the ambience. We chose Astera Titan Tubes and Event Spot 1800′s for this purpose:

    1. Event Spot 1800′s were placed at every pillar along the building’s edge. This placement added a tasteful splash of colour to the internal architecture, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.
    2. Titan Tubes were strategically positioned under and around each car within the venue. Most of these tubes were concentrated around the leading vehicle, amplifying the anticipation and excitement surrounding its reveal. Our lighting technician skillfully controlled these tubes, allowing dynamic lighting effects that added a touch of jazz to the event.
    3. Acrylic plinths replaced traditional poseur tables. Lighting was placed inside these plinths, creating a captivating glow that further enhanced the atmosphere. Vinyl logos and Astera AX3s were used to uplight the plinths, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the setup.

    Guest Experience: In addition to the lighting setup, we reimagined the guest experience:

    1. VIP Entrance: On the event day, we moved the entrance entirely external. A luxurious black carpet led guests from the car park to the entrance door. VIP ropes and posts guided their path, creating an exclusive atmosphere right from the start.
    2. Patio Heaters: To ensure our guests felt comfortable and welcomed, patio heaters were placed just outside the entrance. This thoughtful addition kept guests warm as they entered the venue, allowing them to focus on the excitement of the upcoming car reveal.

    The careful planning and execution of this VIP car reveal event uplighting resulted in a truly memorable experience. The combination of external Chauvet Colorado Q40 Panels, internal Event Spot 1800s and Titan Tubes, as well as the creative use of acrylic plinths, vinyl logos, and Astera AX3s, elevated the event’s ambience to new heights. Moving the VIP entrance and providing patio heaters further enhanced guest comfort and satisfaction. Together, these elements created a mesmerizing environment that perfectly complemented the unveiling of the VIP car, making it an unforgettable event for all attendees.

    Client feedback: “Amazing work as always. They put together all our AV requirements in a short space of time and executed the event perfectly. They are always happy to work around last-minute requests, remaining friendly and highly professional at all times. Great team of people to work with”.

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