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Premier Photo shoots

Premier Wedding Photo Shoots

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    Everyone knows a picture speaks a thousand words and here at Premier Weddings we are often asked to be in photoshoots organised by planners, stylists, venues and other venue décor companies. We love to take part in such creative days, plus it means we get some fabulous pictures we can use for our marketing. The planners, stylists etc, often ask us if they can use our furniture, LOVE Letters, and a whole host of other Premier products.

    We rarely turn down the opportunity to work with other people in the industry, as we love to build relationships in the hope that we can work together again in the future. Professional photos are always our favourite to use on our website, or online media, mainly because we are incredibly good at organising a beautiful wedding, but we are not photographers. So when we receive professional photos, we know that they show our work in a much clearer and more authentic light than anything we could capture on our iPhone camera! Plus photoshoots are always great fun, as there are usually 6-8 different people/suppliers involved and it gives us a chance to work together to create something picture perfect!

    Back in February of this year, Becky at Pollen Designs (a fabulous florist), approached us in the hunt for some huge Illuminated LOVE letters! Well look no further Becky! Our Illuminated LOVE Letters are an whopping 5ft tall and 1m wide! She was inspired by a wedding she had attended and then thought they would be the perfect addition to her photoshoot. Our Illuminated LOVE Letters combined with the modern day Ghost chair was the perfect combination for Becky’s flower displays. Once the Illuminated LOVE Letters, Chairs, Uplighting, Models and Flowers were in set in place at Irhnam Hall, the most beautiful of all wedding displays was achieved by photographer Georgie Mabee.

    Lily and Sage Events are new to working with Premier Weddings and were in search of, the forever on trend, Chiavari Chair. With our huge stock of over 400 Chaivari Chairs, it was only right to lend a tiny handful of them to the wonderful Katie from Lily and Sage Events. They dressed our Chiavari Chairs as part of a table display and worked with the lovely Katie Julia to produce a stunning collection of images that really show off the stunning Chiavari chair, which is currently bang on trend, and predictions are that they will continue to be a wedding staple for the foreseeable future.

    A couple of years back, we were over at the gorgeous Stapleford Park for a photoshoot. This photoshoot was organised by Stapleford and photos taken by Rachael Connerton. We work at Stapleford Park on a more than regular basis, so we completely took over the venue with Premier products in the hope to get some amazing pictures! We got some fabulous pictures of so many different items such as uplighting, LOVE Letters, LED Furniture and the list goes on.

    We often use pictures from photoshoots to show our clients how their own wedding might look. Sometimes all that is needed for that perfect wedding photo, is some amazing lighting, a fabulous couple, a wonderful background and a killer photographer.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that includes us in their photoshoot plans and we are truly looking forward to working with you all in the near future.

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