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Latest News / 29.9.17

Premier invest in Yamaha QL desks

Premier have invested in the Yamaha QL series of digital sound desks for both productions and dry hire.

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    Yamaha QL Series digital mixing desks with accompany RIO stage boxes have recently been added to the ever-expanding Premier inventory.

    With integrated Dante networking, which allows for the desks to use standard networking cables instead of large bulky audio looms which take up precious transport space. Dante audio networking has been rapidly expanding, with major companies such as Shure, Sennheiser and AKG integrating it into their products. The network is simple to use and set up with devices discovering each other making the system nearly plug and play. There is also an easy to use computer control software for more complex situations.

    We have invested in both the Yamaha QL1 and the QL5. The QL1 is a compact 32 channel mixing desk with 16 faders while the QL5 is the larger brother with 64 channels and 32 faders. Both desks include a large verity of on board signal processing as well they both have the ability to have up to 16 channels of Dan Dugan auto mixers, which make conferences and debates super simple to operate.

    The desks use a similar software to previous Yamaha desks (such as the LS9) which makes users of the older system feel at home with the new and improved software on the QL Series. With added features as the touch and turn knob, which lets the user pick any controllable feature and change its parameters with a single knob. As well as 12 user defined keys allow for personalized customization for improved workflow.

    To go along with the mixing desks two Yamaha Rio 16 channel stage boxes have been purchased. Using high quality preamps with a natural sound to provide the best sound quality to the end users. Using the Dante network to allow for the input and output location for the desk to be located anywhere within the venue connected by a single Ethernet cable. The Rio stage boxes also have built in redundancy which reduces the chance for any loss to audio signals.

    Jon Minns, Premiers Technical Director said of the investment “I’m really pleased to be modernising our console fleet with the QL range. It has quickly become an industry standard for good reason. Our audio techs love them for their user friendly interface and clean sound

    The Yamaha QL mixing desks and RIO stage boxes will be the new powerful workhorse for Premier Events audio system.

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