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Blog / 20.2.19

Premier invest in new equipment

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    As part of our continual investment in the latest technology to help us deliver seamless events to our clients, we have added a number of additional items to our hire stock in the last few months.

    At Premier we truly believe that we can offer a better service to our clients by stocking the items that our clients need for their events, ourselves. This avoids the need to outsource key elements of an event to a sub-contractor who may not provide the same levels of perfection that we strive for.

    Because of this, our recent investments have been diverse as we look to expand our equipment stock across multiple disciplines.



    Our big investment in video has been the Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio with the 1 M/E Advanced Panel. The ATEM 2 M/E supports SD, HD and Ultra HD video and is capable of switching 20 external inputs from its SDI and HDMI connectors. The front panel keypad allows on-the-fly selection of the 6 auxiliary output sources and the large LCD gives instant confirmation of your aux output content. The ATEM switcher comes with 3x 24” Dell 1080p displays. 2 for customisable Multiview monitors and one for the control PC output.

    Also added to our video stock have been additional Lenovo ThinkPad T430 show laptops, bringing our stock of these up to 10. We have also added additional 43” and 27” screens and related comfort monitor hides.

    An additional Hive Mastercue V6 system has been added to stock to allow us to keep up with demand. To complement our stock of Decimators, we have added the updated Blackmagic micro convertors, we stock the SDI > HDMI and HDMI > SDI versions of these, with power supplies.



    In our sound department, we have invested in an additional 6x L-Acoustics KARA. These line array speakers have proven to be exceptionally popular with our clients. Alongside the KARA, we have also added an additional 2x SB18 subwoofers. This brings our total to 8x SB18’s and 12x KARA.

    An additional Yamaha QL1 digital desk has been added which has been out on hire most weeks since its purchase. We also added an additional 6x channels of radio microphones. Sennheiser have upgraded the G3 system to the G4 system and so we now stock a 6 way rack of G4 handhelds and beltpacks with Audio Technica AT898c Lavalier Microphones.

    We have also increased our stock of DPA 4088-B headsets, these great sounding headsets have reduced our dependence on lapel mics over the last few years and our now our first-choice microphone for speech, at live events.

    Our final audio investment has been in cases, we have upgraded the transport solution for the K&M round base stands from bags to a flightcase which will allow us to protect these aesthetically pleasing stands better.



    In our lighting department we have added a custom designed ArtNETrack. The ArtNET > DMX Rack features an 8 Way Chauvet NET X II converter allowing for 8 universes to be output on DMX. Alternatively, the outputs can be configured independently for each port/universe in a number of ways.



    In other investments, we have been importing Innovative pipe and base structure directly from the USA. This latest batch brings our hire stock to over 225 uprights and crossbars.

    We have added additional T3 structure and Qik-Link flooring for our exhibition stand projects. These 2 products have revolutionised the exhibition market and we are proud to have been early adopters of these new products. We now stock over 1,900 items of the versatile T3 system allowing us to create multiple, complex exhibition stands on the same day.

    Our stock of staging has been increased, we now stock 10 of the 2m x 0.5m Prolyte StageDEX as well as 55x 2m x 1m StageDEX. Also added to stock have been additional 1m x 1m and 1m x 1m triangle sections.



    As we move into 2019 we have some very exciting purchases in the pipeline which will allow us to move towards our target of £5m turnover and a team of 50 here at Premier.

    Our hire and production team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the new products and services.

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