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Blog / 1.6.18

Premier invest in Astera AX3

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    Premier have invested in a wide range of equipment that helps us offer more to clients and we know that uplighting is a huge aspect of a wide range of events. These events range from weddings to conferences to awards dinners and with it being such an important factor, we invested in a product that offers everything you need from an uplighter, the Astera AX3. Firstly, its wireless capability gives it complete portability and placement, they come with magnets on the bottom so directly attaching to a structure is not a problem.

    They work brilliantly as a floor mounted uplighter; the yoke can be easily removed and then the addition of various beam filters to disperse or concentrate the 15W of true RGBW lighting works really well running up walls and/or onto ceilings. What we love about the Astera AX3 is the ability to remote control and adjust its parameters to work with any event, the battery life can be adjusted to last from 4 hours to a staggering 20 hours with minimal loss in light output and using the Astera AX3 application can be grouped and mapped for additional controllable lighting at an event.

    Whatever environment we put the Astera AX3’s in, they always add presence and effect that makes an event feel more special. We have used them as standard uplighting elements placed along a wall with a 30° beam angle to soften light within a certain area, or underneath a lectern with a 120° beam angle filter to wash the lectern with any colour. For added effect in showroom launches we have used them for both cars and bikes.

    The AX3 using its floor standing durable yoke can direct light at any angle and was used underneath a car directing light outwards with the AX3’s also being used to light certain features of a bike, all possible thanks to their long battery life and portability. After using them for uplighting walls, lecterns and as effect lighting in showrooms, we also bring these to our larger events where we can really put them to use.

    Long runs of Trussing usually just sit at the top of a venue and the lights rigged off them bring the event to life however with the Astera AX3 we can bring the truss itself into the mix and light them with the theme of the event, fully controllable from any lighting desk. Truss toning usually requires running additional cable and you are stuck with the lights beam angle and features, with the AX3 this isn’t required and the use of a Supaclamp to attach to the truss will ensure it meets all safety guidelines. With being able to choose from a variety of beam angle filters, the light gives the user even more options when making their truss come to life and be a part of the event.

    Finally, additional to another recent investment here at Premier, Acrylic Table Centres, we can make use of the Astera AX3 Product once again. Bringing a wealth of controllability and functionality into the mix, the acrylic number traps the emitted light and using an aesthetically pleasing case base, the AX3 can be hidden with no trailing cables or lost light.

    AX3's in action


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