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Latest News / 29.5.17

Premier invest in Catchbox

Premier invest in Catchbox for their live events

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    Premier Events have invested in 2 Catchbox’s to add to their stock of microphones for live events.

    Having used Catchbox at a recent event held at Stapleford Park, the team (and our client) was so impressed with the product, that an order was placed for a blue and orange Catchbox.

    Ideal for Q&A sessions at a conference etc, the catchbox is a throwable microphone which allows audience members to speak into the catchbox microphone and have their question heard by all of the delegates.

    Compatible with most radio mics, simply insert a beltpack into the Catchbox, its as easy as that.

    The catchbox microphone features a magnetic locking system which ensures that the capsule containing the beltpack does not pop out when the catchbox is thrown.

    Active automute technology ensures that the device temporarily mutes the audio when the catchbox is caught, thrown or dropped much to the delight of our sound engineers!

    Managing Director Ben McCarthy said of the investment “Our clients have loved having the catchbox on their events and over time we will be adding more of these fantastic products to our hire stock.”

    Find out more about Catchbox on the website.

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