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Latest News / 14.7.17

Premier invest in Astera lighting

Premier invest in the Astera range of wireless lighting solutions.

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    Due to massive growth across all departments in the business, Premier are pleased to announce our new additions to the lighting department. We now have 16 Astera AX3 RGBW wireless uplighters that can be controlled via our Astera ART-7 interface. These unique fixtures are unlike any other lighting fixture that we currently stock due to their compact size and flexibility.

    The Astera AX3 is a lightweight 15W RGBW Uplighter that comes with an IP65 rating, a huge 20 hours of battery life, but also as previously stated, has amazing flexibility as to where you can place the fixture. One of the options for the AX3 is a tilting bracket for flexibility when placed on the ground, but the main feature is the magnet in the base of the AX3. This feature leaves endless possibilities to where the AX3 can be placed. The AX3 is also compatible with Manfrotto super clamps.

    The AX3 has state of the art options via the Astera app or a DMX console and the Astera ART-7 transmitter. You can programme the fixtures colour, brightness and timing options. If you have an event run time of 8hours, the fixture will make sure it runs for 8hours.

    The AX3 is also a wireless fixture, which means no time-consuming cabling. Through the Astera App or DMX console and the ART-7 you can have full control the AX3. Whether you need to set the AX3 to one colour or to set a chase of colours, use a strobe effect, the possibilities are endless.

    The AX3 and ART-7 as a pair are both exciting additions to the already amazing range of stock we have for hire at Premier Events.

    Jon Minns – Technical Director at Premier has said “The flexibility of the AX3s as a product is extremely well thought out, and will make this a go to product on all our events to come. Combine the AX3s and the ART-7 transmitter with a DMX controller or Astera app and you have an adaptable, state of the art uplighter that can be set-up, controlled and adapted with ease and it is hassle free.”

    You can find out more about the Astera AX3 on its dedicated page on the hire section of the website by clicking here.


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