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AV Production / 7.7.23

Premier Illuminates Hillingdon Hospital

Premier Illuminates Hillingdon Hospital

Premier Events supports Hillingdon Hospital with building illumination for NHS’s 75th Anniversary Celebration.

As the NHS reached a remarkable milestone with its 75th anniversary on the 5th of July, 2023, the nation collectively came together to celebrate this momentous occasion.


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The Brief From the NHS

One such celebration, characterised by elegance and brilliance, was orchestrated by Premier Events. Our contribution to transforming Hillingdon Hospital into a mesmerising spectacle commemorated the NHS’s incredible service and left an indelible mark on the local community.


Premier Events’ primary objective was to create building illumination that went beyond mere aesthetics. We sought to craft an experience that seamlessly blended celebration with the hospital’s functionality. The challenge lay in not only illuminating the physical space but also in doing so with careful consideration for the hospital’s ongoing operations.

Planning and Design

Our AV production team’s approach was methodical and strategic. The team delved into a comprehensive assessment of Hillingdon Hospital’s space and layout, considering the healthcare environment’s intricacies. The result was a meticulous lighting plan that celebrated the NHS and ensured that the hospital’s daily operations remained undisrupted. This planning phase was critical, laying the foundation for a visually stunning and operationally sound event.

Implementation – External Uplighting

The choice of event lighting used to illuminate the external tower of Hillingdon Hospital was the Chauvet Colorado Q40 Panels. We strategically positioned these LED panels to create a visual masterpiece that highlighted the architectural beauty of the building. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the panels bathed the hospital tower in a radiant glow, transforming it into a symbolic beacon of celebration visible for miles around. This external uplighting not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also symbolised the enduring spirit of the NHS.


The outcome was nothing short of spectacular. Social media platforms excitedly buzzed as passersby shared captivating photos of the illuminated hospital. The consensus among the community was unanimous – the lighting added a poignant and meaningful touch to the NHS’s 75th birthday celebration. Hillingdon Hospital became more than a healthcare facility; it became a visual representation of gratitude and appreciation for the NHS’s unwavering service.

Client Testimonial

The client’s satisfaction was evident in their glowing testimonial. “We were pleased with the professionalism of the Premier team, and the impact was nothing short of amazing. We received very positive feedback from everyone who saw the Tower to celebrate the NHS 75th birthday. There is no hesitation in using the company again for a similar project.” This testimonial is a testament to Premier’s commitment to excellence, both in communication and project execution.

The Premier Events Way

Our role in illuminating Hillingdon Hospital for the NHS’s 75th anniversary is a compelling case study in successful event execution. Beyond hiring and installing event lighting for building illumination, we demonstrated an acute understanding of the delicate balance between celebration and operational functionality. For organisations seeking to create impactful events, our wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence make us a valuable partner.

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